Everything to Know About High Paying Affiliate Programs and How to Choose

If you want to earn money without really doing a lot, then one of the top ways that you can do this is by joining various affiliate programs. This would mean that one of your top goals should be to earn commissions through product recommendations. There are so many options that you can pick and choose from that would be in various categories like travel, VPNs, web hosting, website builders and more.

You should ensure that you know everything about these affiliate programs that you can earn money from. Here are some of the top options that you need to consider, so keep reading on to find out more.

◦ Top Affiliate Programs to Check Out

There are numerous of the top affiliate programs that you are going to want to check out, especially those that can really help you. There are some that are going to be easier to promote and some that will give you better rewards. Here are a few to check out, such as:

  • Flatlogic – If you want to work with a trusted company that would ensure that you get what you are owed, then this is the right one to go with. This program works for the mobile and web based templates along with other customized services, especially if your audience is looking for admin templates. Flatlogic  affiliate program pays 50% from each sale, average sale is 130$+.
  • Fiverr – This is one of the top programs that you can choose when it comes to digital services and it is like Amazon. When you sign up for this affiliate program you are going to be able to promote some of the largest marketplaces in the world for all of the online services. This covers a wide variety of services like programming, writing, log design and much more.

These are just some of the top programs that you are going to want to ensure that you are looking at. The more you know, then the easier your decision is going to be when making the final choice.

◦ Top Paying Affiliate Programs

Another thing that you need to know are what the top paying affiliate programs would be so that you can sign up. Some of those includes:

  • Hostinger – This is platform for web hosting and you can earn around $150 based on the tiered pricing format. The base payout for this affiliate program is around $60 and you can easily make more. There are numerous WordPress and small business options that you can use that are affordable and that have some of the top conversion rates.

This program has a wide array of tools that you would be able to use, including promotional ones and banners to help you get started. There aren’t any caps for payments so you can earn as much as you can by referring new customers.

  • Cloudways – Another great web hosting based affiliate program that has high payouts, a flexible 3 payout model and long recurring commission options is this one. This is going to be ideal if you want to earn even one-time amounts, which can be around $125 based on the performance tier you are on. You can use their real-time tracking to see all types of detailed information, conversions and even clicks.
  • GreenGeeks – If you want something that will be environmentally-friendly as well as user-friendly, then this is the best one. This will help you with trying to cut down on the carbon footprint of your website through the use of some credits for renewable energy. For every sale you can earn around $125 based on the traffic and performance levels.
  • Liquid Web – This is a great option if you want to earn a good amount of money for every sale. You can earn around 150% of every sale, which can be from $150 up to $7,000 and the majority of the conversions are for their managed hosting of WordPress. However, if you are able to convert a sale for their cloud or dedicated hosting, then that will help you to make a good amount.
  • Sendinblue – This is sales and marketing platform that has a user-friendly dedicated CRM, landing page builder, software for email marketing and much more. This one will pay not only for sales, but also for leads since you would earn a small amount for every lead you offer.

These are only a few of the top paying affiliate programs that you should make sure that you are looking at. If you are hoping to earn quite a bit of income from these programs, then these are the ones that you need to look at.

◦ VPN Based Affiliate Programs

Another great option that you can check out if you want to work with affiliate programs to earn money is VPNs. There are so many options that it might be complicated when it comes to choosing and here are some to look at, including:

  • Surfshark VPN – This is one of the top VPN providers in the world and they aim to keep the internet privacy easy and accessible for everyone. If you promote this site, which helps to access any pages that are blocked, then you would get a good amount. You can earn around 40% of the revenue share depending on how many subscriptions are sold.
  • IPVanish – This is another one of the top services that you can use for VPN and it has some of the top payouts as well. The 1 month package is 100% and then a 3 month recurring package of 40% and then 35% recurring with a 1 and 2 year based package option for 40% with 30% recurring.
  • ExpressVPN – This service was only founded back in 2009, but it is one of the top options for users who want to keep their online privacy intact. They offer extremely high one-time payments depending on what the users register for. If they sign up for 1 month you earn $13, 6 months $22 and $26 for a year.
  • NordVPN – This service has commissions that are directly based on the ordered subscription plans, including 100% for 1 month, 6 months at 40%. Their conversion rates are strong and there is plenty of help that you can get from the account managers.
  • StrongVPN – Another great option is this service that has been available since 2006. The affiliate program is highly popular and they pay you every month and you get around 200% payout for the generated sales.
  • PureVPN – Another great option that has some great custom notifications, reward system, contents and fun programs is this one. You would be notified when a sale is made and they offer you 100% for a 1 month and then 40% for the longer plan sales.

Go ahead and look at these options if you are interested in something that is related to privacy and that will help you to earn a good amount. These are the top ones, so do the research and find the one that fits your needs.

◦ Website Based Affiliate Programs

Another hot affiliate category that you should look at is website based like ecommerce, website builders and much more. These are going to have a longer lifetime value or LTV since customers tend to stay with their websites longer. Here are some of the top ones to check out, such as:

  • Wix – This is one of the top quality website builder sites that has more than 100 million users. To start out they offer each affiliate around $100 for every sale and there are numerous landing pages featured in a wide array of languages you can use. This is also one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create your own simple site to add affiliate links.
  • BigCommerce – Another SaaS eCommerce platform to check out is this one and it hosts more than 60,000 total merchants. This is chosen most often by the brands that are growing due to the advanced functionality and built-in features. This program is extremely generous and you can get a 200% payment depending on the plan chosen by the customer.
  • Shopify – Another great website builder for ecommerce is Shopify and they work with more than 400,000 merchants worldwide. They offer a 200% commerce rate on the paid stores and they have stable rates of conversion along with plenty of help for affiliates.
  • ClickMeter – If you want to work with a company that can track links to websites, then ClickMeter is the one to go for. They offer you around 90% for every sale when you are promoting their tools and you can earn around $891 for each and every sale depending on what others choose.
  • Superb Themes – If you want to be able to promote WordPress themes, then this is a great option. They offer around 60% in commission based on the sales and you can even earn recurring commissions yearly.
  • AliDropship – If you are looking for something related to dropshipping this might be ideal for you. This has 2 different solutions, including the full internet store and then the themes, plugins and add-ons. As an affiliate you get around 50% commerce on every sale, which means you can earn somewhere in the market of $869 for just one sale.
  • Weebly – If you want to work with a company that is large, then Weebly is the way to go. They have over 40 million users and this is a simple site for building websites that lets you drag and then drop the elements easily. The recurring commerce is 30% for the duration of the active life of the customer.
  • ReferralCandy – Another great option for the online stores is ReferralCandy. You can create some deals for your merchants easily and when ecommerce stores are referred to this site you are going to earn $20.
  • Site123

Another well-known website builder that lets you create mobile responsive sites easily is this one. You can pick from a wide variety of templates along with an easy to use user interface. The program can give you a payout of around $182 based on sales and you can only withdraw the money after you earn $300.

You are always going to need to consider these options and which one would suit your needs the best. Think about what you are interested in promoting along with how much you would be able to earn.

◦ Top Recurring Affiliate Based Programs

There are numerous affiliate programs that would offer you a one-time CPA payment when a sale is completed while there are others that give you a recurring amount every month. If you are getting commission on a sale monthly, then this is called recurring and here are some of the top sites to look at, such as:

  • Pabbly – If you want something that you can promote and keeping earning over your lifetime, then this is the best one. You can bring in around 30% of the sale and they pay quickly.
  • Buzzsprout – If you are interested in promoting podcasts, then this site would be ideal. Their payout is a recurring 20% and every new user gets a $20 gift card for Amazon to assist with increasing the conversion rates.
  • Thinkific – For those who want to promote online courses, then this platform would be great. This one offers around 20% in recurring commissions and you can earn a good amount with this site.
  • Moosend – Another option for a tool for email marketing is Moosend and the affiliate program gives you a recurring commission of 30%. This will help you to earn a good amount of money based on the sales.
  • AmoCRM – If you are hoping to earn good money, then you want to promote this CRM or customer relationship management software that is messenger-based. Right at the start you get a recurring commission of around 35% and once you earn $10,000 as their partner it increases to 50%.
  • Leadpages – A well-known builder for landing pages is Leadpages and they help the users to build web pages that are dedicated to calls-to-action and forms. The affiliate program for this company offers 30% repeating.
  • Teachable – If you are a blogger or owner of your website, then this is a platform for online courses. You can use these to build the various classes that can be sold to students and you get a repeating payout of 30%.
  • SEMRush – Another well-known tool that you can help promote is SEMRush and this works with SEO. This helps the owners of websites to track their keywords, conduct audits of their sites and much more. The affiliate program is named BeRush and you can earn around 40% in commission.
  • Elegant themes – If you are interested in promoting WordPress, then this is a theme library that has more than 550,000 customers and 87 themes that are easy-to-use. This is going to help you to earn 50% in recurring payouts if you send your readers to the site and they make a purchase.
  • SpyFu – If you are interested in SEO and reaching out to those customers, then this tool is going to be great. It is focused on insights into competition and the tool can be downloaded and you can find the top paid and organic keywords for your competition. They have a persistent payment of 40% for all sales.

Make sure that you are thinking about this type of affiliate program, especially if you are interested in earning money over time rather than a single payment.

◦ What Does it Mean to Have a Recurring Payment?

Another thing to consider is what exactly it means to have a recurring payment and this means it isn’t just a one time payout. This means that as long as the user that you are earning commission for is still paying and using the services, then you are going to earn money. This is mostly done on monthly subscriptions since the LTV or lifetime value of the customer is much bigger.

This is going to allow the advertiser to afford the payments using a smaller recurring percentage of time rather than a larger one time payment. There are numerous pros and cons that you need to be aware of when it comes to each option, including for one-time payments, such as:

  • Pros: You get a bigger upfront payment, which can be as big as around 500% to 1000% of the overall subscription cost per month
  • Cons: You don’t get a consistent revenue stream from the affiliate program and you might earn less over the customer’s lifetime

You are also going to want to consider the pros and cons of the recurring payments as well before you make your final decision. These include:

  • Pros: You are getting some consistent revenue coming through each month, which makes it easier to predict how much you are earning. You might also earn more over the entire lifetime of the customer due to the higher retention rates and lower churn rates.
  • Cons: It means getting a smaller amount of money up-front and losing out on the total earnings if the customer leaves quickly

You are going to need to consider all of this, including the type of payment that you are interested in and which one is going to bring you more money overall.

◦ Travel Based Affiliate Programs

There are also some affiliate programs that are related to travel and if this is your sector, then you are going to be able to earn a good amount from this. You can recommend to your customers where you think they should go and you can also right about specific types of content. You can choose whatever type of affiliate program you want to work with, so make sure to look at all of the options.

If you want to focus on travel and try to earn money in order to have your own vacation, then there are so many options. Here are some of the top travel affiliate sites to think about and look into that can help you to not only earn money for vacations, but also save money at the same time, such as:

  • TripAdvisor – This is not only a popular affiliate program, but it is also a great resource for those who are travelling. You can find out some of the local locations that you want to visit along with what hotels to book and what restaurants to eat at. If you are promoting this site, then you are going to get a huge 50% commission rate and they are the top program in the industry.
  • Travelpayouts – Another option that might not be as well-known, but it can help you to easily monetize any website that is about travel. They can cover a few different travel platforms that you can work with, including rentalcars.com, Airbnb, Booking.com, and much more. The affiliates with this program earn around 1.6% for every flight and around 6% for the hotel bookings.
  • Expedia – This is another major travel brand that has a wide variety of children companies available. Their affiliates can promote more than 260,000 properties that are bookable in over 708 countries from 150 websites.
  • Hotels.com – If you want to make some money by having people book hotels, then this is the right site. They have localized services that can be translated into 35 languages and 85 websites. In the rewards program they have more than 15 million members and they have a 4% commission rate.
  • Hotwire – If you are targeting those who would need to travel at the last minute and want access to affordable and cheap hotels and flights, then this is the best one. They have a 2% rate for commissions and are a highly popular site for all travel.

It is vital that you are picking the right affiliate sites that you can look at and pick the best one. Ensure that you are thinking about what they are going to offer you and how many sites would be covered for each program.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to affiliate programs and it is vital that you are considering what is what. You not only want to think about the amount that you are going to earn, but what type of tool, website or industry you would be promoting. These are just a few of the top affiliate programs that you should look at, so go ahead and find out which one would be suited for your needs the best.