Everything to Include to Bridal Shower Invitation

Bridal shower invitation wording is probably more important than you think. For many of your friends and family, it’s the first official interaction they are going to have with all of your wedding preparations. So, it should accurately reflect your theme and style. It also represents a significant occasion, so your communication has to be clear and concise.

We are going to show you how.

It’s important to read this bridal shower wording from top to bottom before you get started. This will give you a clear indication of how much information is required which then leads to how you are going to lay out your invitation and where all of the text is going to be placed.

Bridal Boxes

This is not the most critical component of a bridal shower invitation, but it’s important to mention first because of the timing factor. Many of your friends and family would love to gift you a bride box subscription to help plan and celebrate your wedding. However, they think of it too close to the wedding date. Bridal box subscriptions are meant to be enjoyed throughout the months leading up to the big day, so early purchase is encouraged. You may also want to point them towards miss to mrs bridal box which provides various options for different timeframes. There’s a lot more flexibility here which everyone will appreciate.

It’s appropriate to include a link to your registry along with bride subscription box information by providing a link or naming the store. 

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Wedding shower invitations etiquette

The specific design and wording you use will indicate how traditionally formal or modernly casual your event will be. Pay particular attention to the wedding shower wording you use so that you set the right tone.

Here are a few examples of introductions:

Formal: Please join us for a bridal shower celebrating (bride’s name) upcoming wedding

Semi-formal: Miss to Mrs. Help us celebrate (bride’s) big day

Playful: She said “Yes!” Come toast (bride’s) big day!

The combination of your personal style and how traditional your guests are will guide you to the right decision.


It’s very important to make sure that there is no ambiguity in your message. Trendy wedding invitations will include the groom’s name or outright specify that this is a coed event. Modern couples have taken a liking to group celebrations to celebrate together as well as to save money.

If you are going the traditional route and prefer a women-only event, it’s ok to omit the groom’s name and feel safe in assuming that men aren’t invited. However, it’s always safer to specify your intentions.


Your bridal shower invite wording absolutely must include the date, time, location, and clear method of sending their RSVPs. 

If there is space, include the actual address of the location. This saves your guests the trouble of having to look it up on their own and prevents any confusion. It’s fairly easy to drive to Mario’s Banquet Hall rather than Marie’s Banquet Hall for example.

The date should be written for the same reason. Is 6/7/xx June 7th or July 6th? Text-based months will avoid any miscommunication. 

RSVP details should simply include a name, phone number, email address, and deadline so that people don’t put it off for so long that they forget.

Helpful Advice

A short while ago, sending out bridal shower invitations by email was a fairly big faux pas. But no longer. In fact, emails are generally preferred these days. Emails are easy to retrieve and super simple to click on links to driving directions, your wedding page, registries, and so on. Digital formats also allow you to ‘add to calendar’ with reminders to reply to the RSVP which is tremendously convenient. That being said, it may be a nice touch to send physical invites to older friends and family members if you believe they would prefer it.

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