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Everything to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Website Developer

Did you know that it takes as little as 0.05 seconds for online users to form an opinion of your WordPress website? This can mean only one thing: your online presence needs to be as top-notch as possible.

Having a great-looking, user-friendly, and informative WordPress website is paramount. Creating one that ticks all these boxes, though, is far from easy. And this is why you need to trust a good WordPress website developer.

Are you wondering what you should look for when choosing a WordPress expert? Our article here is coming through with all the answers you need.

Advanced Technical skills

To begin with, your WordPress expert needs to have (and be able to prove!) plenty of website development experience. This means they need to possess solid technical skills, including coding, editing, and WordPress design knowledge.

Strong Business Skills

In parallel, building WordPress websites that generate huge exposure, traffic, and profits, also requires some pretty sound business skills. The ideal web developer should discuss with you some essential business and financial aspects.

The most crucial? Areas such as your website development budget, which you both need to agree on. The ideal web developer should also demonstrate that they know how to optimize all the available resources.

Great Customer Reviews

Reading online reviews is another excellent way to narrow down your list of potential WordPress developers and only get in touch with the best ones. Online testimonials should consider factors such as the developer’s professional skills and experience, as well as their attitude and approach to projects.

Great Communication Skills

When we talk about a web developer’s attitude and approach, we mean, essentially, their ability to communicate with their customers in a clear, positive, and confident way. To this effect, it might be helpful to speak with a few web developers either in person or on the phone. This should help you to better gauge what type of person they are and whether you would be a good fit for each other.

Industry Expertise

Last but not least, it can be useful to find a WordPress developer who has demonstrable expertise in (and passion for!) your industry. For example, do you operate an online store business? Then, you might want to look for a developer who knows the ins and outs of e-commerce.

Ready to Find a Great WordPress Website Developer?

To make sure that your WordPress website is as great as it can be, you need the right WordPress website developer.

Our easy guide showed you the five essential features of a great developer: technical skills, business skills, communication skills, industry expertise, and excellent client testimonials.

If you find a WordPress expert that fits all these criteria, you will be well on your way to creating a fantastic WordPress website.

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