Everything I Learned About Matchmaking From A Professional

Have you desired to meet the perfect partner but wondered how to get started? If so, then you may need the services of a professional matchmaker. These experts understand the need to connect like-minded people with the hope and mission of becoming life partners. It may not sound easy, but it works if one follows the proper steps. Below are a few tips that work as explained by experienced matchmaking professionals.

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1. Several Factors Come into Play when Matching People

One of the main secrets or strategies a professional matchmaker uses is to consider the different factors that influence people’s compatibility. It is not as easy as finding likes alone. It would be best to look at lifestyle, appearances, race, family orientations, likes and dislikes, and location. All these and more are factors that may influence the compatibility of potential partners. 

After all, the key is to increase the chances of getting successful relationships in the future. Ignoring some of these aspects can lead to severe failure in the attempts. While matchmaking works and is beneficial, it works with set parameters.

2. There is no Sure Way of Predicting Attraction

It is a fact that attraction is never predictable. People who expect to be attracted to each other because everything aligns may have no attraction, yet those you are unsure about end up being the ideal partners.

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It is, therefore, essential to approach this with an open mind and expect anything as the outcome of your matchmaking efforts. To succeed in helping people, experience matters, and sometimes sticking to your intuition is far greater than just expecting things to fall into place on their own.

3. Common Interests are Great but not Enough

Most people expect to work when they have shared interests and values with potential partners. While this is most often the case, it is not a guarantee. Partners that make it, in the long run, are not necessarily those that share similar values all along. Sometimes it is as simple as choosing to work on the flaws.

The big question when considering your similarities is to find out if you want to date yourself. Most people will not like that as it will be too monotonous and boring. Therefore, it helps to strike a balance, and the most important thing is to find someone you are compatible. After all, unlike poles attract, which may be what you need.

4. Both Males and Females Want to Find Love

For a long time, there might have been a misconception that women seek to love more. Surprisingly, statistics show a different outcome. Today, more men are bold enough to seek love and relationships. Many who desire healthy relationships but have no time to find dates or do not know how to go about it are paying for matchmaking services and having success in such matches. It is, therefore, safe to say that both women and men seek love.

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5. Many People Seeking Matchmaking Services are in their 20s and 30s

The other interesting fact is that people in their 20s and 30s are the largest group seeking matchmaking services. However, there is no age limit for those seeking to find love. Many people want to enjoy having someone to talk to and engage with.

However, this need appears stronger in younger people of both genders than in the aged. One can assume that the older generation has more experience or is probably tired of attempting. Whatever the case, younger people seem to seek matchmaking services more in an attempt to find the right partner for them.

6. Finding the Right Person Takes Time

Professional matchmakers will advise you to take time before you settle on the one you think best suits your personality and needs. The ideal relationship is not easy and could be taxing. Therefore, it helps you go on many dates and learn from as many people as possible. Finding someone you will spend the rest of your life with is difficult. Prepare yourself for this and choose to wait lest you make a mistake in your rushed decisions.

7. Matchmakers Consider it a Success when their Matches Stay for six months and More

It is not easy to find the ideal partner. Therefore, matchmakers only consider their effort successful if the couple they match is together for more than six months. This may happen often, but that does not mean there are no failed attempts at connecting people.

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Sometimes people seek these services with no intention of staying for long and will thus quit when they fail to get what they expected. While a lot of vetting goes into this process, there are no sureties or guarantees, and one has to be open-minded going into such an arrangement. This is the only way to avoid getting disappointed.

Final Thoughts

Matchmaking works, but it is not a guarantee. Therefore, you need to evaluate what you want and whether this is the right path. After all, it costs money, and you need to be sure that you will be getting value for your cash.

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Written by Joshua White

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