Ethereum versus Bitcoin: Which is better?

Cryptocurrencies are the latest buzz in the investment market. People across the globe are considering cryptocurrencies as an investment option to earn money. With more than 1600 cryptocurrencies available in the market, Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the top three. If you want to know more about bitql app. and Ethereum and find out how to get maximum profit by investing in them, you need to go through this article. 

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are stored using digital wallets and use special techniques called blockchains for transactions. Blockchains used for transactions of cryptocurrency are a set of records just like ledgers in banks. The transactions are maintained in chronological order and are recorded in the public ledgers. 

What is Bitcoin?

The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is not revealed, so it could be an individual or a group of individuals. For every transaction done using Bitcoin, the charge is much lower than in the banks. 

What is Ethereum?

After Bitcoin, another popular crypto is Ethereum.  This cryptocurrency gives ether tokens to the users. The tokens are similar to Bitcoins in the cryptocurrency platform. The working principle of Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin and it is used for peer-to-peer transactions. 

Bitcoin is popular and has the highest market cap. Ethereum was unable to create an effect similar to Bitcoin but it has more functionality based on the concepts used in Bitcoin. The creator of Ethereum tried to address the issues of Bitcoin and incorporated more functionality in Ethereum. 


Both Bitcoin and Ethereum share the similar concept of peer-to-peer network transactions where the users can utilize the technology of these cryptocurrencies along with blockchains for carrying out transactions from one account to another, be it in any corner of the world. The transactions do not charge you high fees and reach the destination account in no time.

Apart from these, Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency in the trade market which shares a decentralized network where no central bodies can poke their nose. There are various use-cases of Bitcoin all around the world due to its rich popularity and ease of transfer.

On the other hand, Ethereum excels in creating smart contracts between parties where people can use them for purchasing leased apartments, real estate, paying rents, etc. 


In Bitcoin, transactions of miners are validated using ‘proof of work’. Miners have to solve a mathematical puzzle that is very complicated and according to that, the miner earns. 

In Ethereum, the validation of transactions is done using ‘proof of stake’. The user or miner has to validate transactions in the block depending on the number of coins owned. The concept of Ethereum mining is a bit different. The amount of earning directly depends on the number of Ethers one has. When a user adds a block in Ethereum, the reward given is 3 ether. 


The total numbers of daily Bitcoin Transactions are around 2.6 million and it is 1.2 million in the case of Ethereum. 

The number of blocks already mined in Bitcoin is more than 7.18 million. The total number of blocks already mined on the Ethereum platform re 13 million. 

The block size of Bitcoin is 1,268 KB and that of Ethereum is 94 KB. 


The average time to add a new block in Bitcoin is 10 minutes and in Ethereum, it is 12-15 seconds. 

Hashing algorithm

Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm for security and privacy whereas Ethereum uses Ethash as its algorithm. 

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