Ethereum: The Currency For Our Digital Future

In this digital economy, there are many ways for creators to earn online. For example, Ethereum is an open access cryptocurrency. Everyone can use its digital money and data-friendly services no matter your background or location. You only need to have an internet connection. 

It’s a community-built technology. And it’s the network behind the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) and thousands of applications you can use today. 

What is Ethereum?

ETH is scarce digital money that you can use on the internet. It’s the same as Bitcoin, and here’s how it is different from traditional money:

  • It’s all yours. No third-parties needed
  • Cryptography keeps your money and transactions safe
  • Peer-to-peer payments are allowed
  • It’s decentralized
  • Open to anyone. You only need internet and a wallet
  • Available in flexible amounts, you can buy fractions of ETH at a time.

History of Ethereum

Let’s have a deep dive into how Ethereum was established and how it grew across the years. 

In 2013, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, published an introductory paper outlining the central vision of the project. 

In 2014, Dr Gavin Wood created a technical definition of the Ethereum protocol, and the Yellowpaper was released. 

In the same year, Ether, the cryptocurrency of Ethereum, officially went on sale for 42 days and back then, people were able to buy it using Bitcoin. 

In 2015, Frontier was a live implementation of the Ethereum project. Originally it was intended for technical users, specifically developers. And ETH price was at $1.24USD

In 2016, several protocol changes and a network change gave Ethereum the ability to do further upgrades. In a few months, the price of ETH increased to $12.50USD

In the same year, a hacker drained an insecure DAO contract of over 3.6 million ETH. However, this hack was not a defect in the protocol, so the community continued to pursue the establishment of Ethereum Classic. 

The Tangerine Whistle forks was the very first response created to the denial of service (DoS) attached on the network. And they also addressed urgent network health issues regarding underpriced operation codes. 

The Spurious Dragon fork was the second response to the network’s second denial of service (DoS) attacks. They also addressed the following issues:

  • tuning opcode pricing to prevent future attacks on the network
  • enabling “debloat” function of the blockchain state
  • adding a replay attack protection

In 2017, the price of ETH went from $9.84USD to $334.23USD. The developers created the Byzantium fork, and it addressed the following:

  • Reduced block mining from 5 to 3 ETH
  • Delayed the difficulty bomb by a year
  • Non-state changing calls to other contracts
  • Cryptography methods allowed layer 2 scaling.

In 2019, the price of ETH went down to $136.29USD. The developers also created the Constantinople fork to address the following:

  • Ensure the blockchain didn’t freeze before proof-of-stake was implemented
  • Optimized gas cost of specific actions in the EVM
  • Added the ability to interact with addresses that haven’t been created yet

In the same year, developers also created the Istanbul fork to address the following:

  • Optimize gas cost
  • Improve DoS attack resilience
  • Layer 2 scaling solutions based on SNARKs and STARKs
  • Interoperability of Ethereum and Zcash
  • More creative functions for contracts

In 2020, the Muir Glacier fork was introduced to address the following:

  • Delay difficulty bomb
  • Increase in block difficulty of the proof-of-work consensus
  • Increase wait times for sending transactions using DApps (Decentralized Apps)

Furthermore, developers deployed a staking deposit contract. And this had a direct impact on the timeline for launching a critical Eth2 upgrade, also known as the Beacon Chain. 

In December 2020, the Beacon Chain was introduced, and the price of ETH went up to $586.23USD. 

In 2021, the Berlin upgrade optimized gas cost for specific EVM actions. And it also increased the support for multiple transactions types. As a result, the price of ETH also tripled to $2454. 

Recently, the London upgrade introduced EIP-1559, and it reformed the transaction fee market. And at the same time, changes in how gas refunds are handled and the Ice Age schedule was affected by this upgrade.

As of now, the Altair upgrade is the first upgrade scheduled for the Beacon Chain. After that, it hopes to add support for “sync communities.”

So why is it essential that we discuss the history of Ethereum? First, because we can see significant improvements in the past years, this only means that Ethereum will continue to evolve in the coming years. 

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