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HARVARD is considered one of the top universities in the world with advanced and higher studies, having a large number of entries from all over the world. Harvard is a highly occupied university that is offering enormous graduate, undergraduate, and professional degrees. Its reputation and ranking are tremendous in itself.”If a door of opportunity appears, don’t hide your shadow to let in.” As we all know that the technology in this world is filling all the accuracy at every level, everyone around the world is beginning with a new journey by choosing their desired field in which they can master themselves and be the leader of their world.

What should be your next step?

Students, employees, freshmen are looking for the easiest way to gain knowledge, which can make their time management convenient; the arrival of the very first word should be ‘Online,’ everyone from different countries is applying for online courses in the best way they can. Harvard offers plenty of paid and free courses that you can quickly learn from that and become proficient in that domain. You have to decide the best for you.

Are Harvard courses worth it?

The opportunity and hold of success are all Harvard courses are about; they will prepare you for everything within that outline and demonstrate the significance of that subject. These courses will leave you a lifetime opportunity which can help you succeed many fields interested to you.

Are Harvard course certificates important?

A certificate is only a document that tells you that you know a particular subject. The main treasure is that knowledge also which grants you to look further in education and aspires to you and If you want to mention your Harvard Certificate in your CV, then go for it as It will leave a good conception.

Harvard online courses     

Harvard is providing a vast amount of courses in the subjects; Mathematics, Art and Design, Computer Science, Humanities, Data Science, Business, Medicine and Health, Schooling and Education, Programming, Social Field and Science. These courses are of multiple interests in which you can invest your time and money without any doubt. There are many websites too, from where you can check your suitability. There are also online resources available to help you in writing your tasks whether academic or diploma like cheap assignment writing which you can also avail of their services at very affordable prices.  Here are a few courses listed with their resource, have a look!

Free and Paid Courses.

Art and Design

  • Shakespeare’s Hamlet: The Ghost (3 weeks long) – FREE
  • Deeper than Edutainment : taking Books and their Film Adaptations seriously (4 weeks long)  $295
  • Japanese Books : From Manuscript To Print (9 weeks long) – FREE
  • Shakespeare’s Life and Work (4 weeks long) – FREE
  • Pyramids: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology (8 weeks long) – FREE
  • The Architectural Imagination (10 weeks long) – FREE

Computer Field  

  • CS50’s Web Programming with Python and Javascript (12 weeks long) – FREE
  • CS50’s for Lawyers (10 weeks long) – FREE
  • Competing in the age of AI — Virtual (8 weeks long)  $5,000
  • Data Science: Machine Learning (8 weeks long) – FREE
  • CYBER security: Managing Risk in the Information Age (8 weeks long)  $2,800


  • Improving your Business through a Culture of Health (9 weeks long) – FREE
  • Artificial Intelligence in Business: Creating value with Machine Learning $1,950
  • Contract Law: From Trust to Promise To Contract (8 weeks long) – FREE
  • Strategic Sales Management $1,250
  • Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles (4 weeks long) – FREE

Education and Teaching

  • Introduction To Family Engagement in Education (6 weeks long) – FREE
  • Nurse – Doctor – co – Teaching on Inpatient Services  $75
  • Tangible things (5 weeks long) – FREE
  • Higher Education Teaching Certificate (8 weeks long) $2,400

Health and Medicine

  • MalariaX : defeating malaria from the Genes to the Globe (8 weeks long) – FREE
  • Recognizing Global Health Care Disparities $75
  • Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs (6 weeks long) – FREE
  • Bioethics: The Law, Medicine and Ethics of reproductive technologies and genetics (10 weeks long) – FREE
  • Clinical Challenges in Electrocardiography  $299
  • Fundamental of neuroscience, part1,2, 3: The Brain (8 weeks long) – FREE
  • Cancer Immunotherapy for Internists $65
  • Humanitarian response to conflicts and Disease (5 weeks long) – FREE
  • The Health effects of Climate Change (7 weeks long) – FREE
  • New Treatments in Heart Failure $49


  • PredictionX : Lost without Longitude (1 week long) – FREE
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities (1 week long) – FREE
  • Ancient masterpiece of World Literature (6 weeks long) – FREE
  • Justice (12 weeks long) – FREE


  • Data Science Visualization (8 weeks long) – FREE
  • Data Science: Probability (8 weeks long) – FREE
  • Business Analytics (8 weeks long)  $1,600
  • Calculus Applied (10 weeks long) – FREE
  • Statistics and R (4 weeks long) – FREE
  • Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra (4 weeks long) – FREE


  • All courses are free


  • The Einstein Revolution (14 weeks long) – FREE
  • Climate Changing policy: Economics and politics Online  $3,600
  • The energy within Environmental constraints (10 weeks long) – FREE
  • HMX Pharmacology  $800
  • High – Dimensional Data Analytics (4 weeks long) – FREE
  • HMX Genetics  $800

Socialism Field

  • CitiesX: The Past, Present and Future of Urban Life (11 weeks long) – FREE
  • Leadership, Organizing and Action: Leading Change (14 weeks long)  $2,600
  • Introduction to American Civics (1 week long) – FREE
  • Civics Education and Youth Participatory Politics: Teaching for the 2020 Presidential Election (2 weeks long) $149
  • Systematic Approach to Policy Design – FREE
  • Child protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice (16 weeks long) – FREE

Data Science

  1. Causal Diagrams: Draw your Assumptions before your Conclusions (9 weeks long) – FREE
  2. Data-Driven Decision Making for Managers  $1,950
  3. Data Science : Interference and Modeling (8 weeks long) – FREE
  4. Data Science: Productivity Tools (8 weeks long) – FREE
  5. Data Visualization: Communicating Data and Complex Ideas Visually  $1,250
  6. Data Science: Capstone (2 weeks long) – FREE

Udemy, Coursera, eDX, Khan Academy, Alison, Udacity, FutureLearn, Bloc, Code Academy are the few websites from which you can enrol in these courses and upgrade your intelligence. These websites grant every kind, of course, free and paid, which you can quickly check on their webpage. Don’t hesitate to contact them as it’s a proper way of getting treasures of lessons and leads. Guidance the most priceless thing you can earn. Grab your laptop and sign in now.

He who opens a door of knowledge, closes illetracy’s”.

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