Entertainment Apps For Android
Entertainment Apps For Android

Top 9 Entertainment Apps For Android

Nowadays, in this modern world, many free entertaining applications are available to watch movies, TV shows, streaming music, and listening to podcasts.

Previously it used to be very much challenging to find ways by which one could entertain themselves. However, with so many incredible entertainment applications available on the play store, there are ample number of options for having fun from your mobile devices, at your fingertips.

What are some great entertainment applications for Android?

Below you will find the favourite free entertainment applications for having fun on your phone or tablet. So get ready to have a good time anywhere, anytime.

  1. Netflix

Price: Free/ $8.99 per month

Netflix is the most renowned TV and movie subscription service in the world. The official Netflix application allows you to access thousands of streamable movies and television shows. The renowned video service has some of the biggest hits and award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up comedies. The Netflix application offers 30 days of the trial then the subscription starts for $8.99 per month.

  1. Pandora

Price: Free with ads/ $4.99 per month

Pandora is considered to be one of the best music streaming applications for Android smartphones. It allows you to create personalized radio stations based on your favourite artists, genres, and more. Pandora delivers music straight to your mobile device as per your tastes. 

Didn’t figure out what’s the best part, yet? This service is free with some limitations and advertisements. The paid subscription has no advertisements and offers unlimited offline music listening.

  1. KMPlayer

Price: Free

Many of us love downloading our most favourite music and videos rather than building our entertainment library. KMPlayer is one of the best Video Player & Music Player applications for playing, back to back content stored on your device. 

  1. YouTube Kids

Price: Free with Advertisement

Kids should have some fun as well. YouTube Kids is a great way to make your younger ones have fun. The application allows you to create multiple profiles for kids and set the age range (four and under, five to seven, or eight to 12) for them to explore the appropriate content that is right for their age group. If desired, the user can also handpick videos and approve the access manually. Parents if required can also block particular videos and channels, supervise kid’s watch history, and set particular timelines.

  1. SketchBook

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

SketchBook is a great drawing and painting application suitable for all age groups. The top-quality drawing application turns your smartphone or tablet into a sketchpad. It consists of a variety of sketching tools and works great with a stylus or digital pen.

From childlike cartooning to professional artworks, SketchBook provides powerful innovative sketching tools and creative summaries. This app is a very much preferred entertainment application by the users which is available for free.

  1. Plex

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Plex is also a well-known recreational application that offers streaming free movies, shows, Live TV, and more. Alternatively, you could also experience viewing your favourite pictures, watch films and keep listening to tunes stored on your computer or an Android device. Not only can you consume your locally stored media but also there are ample options for sharing your media on Plex’s cloud servers.

Unfortunately, the free version of the application has limited use of some features.

  1. Goodreads

Price: Free with advertisements

For those who love to read books in their leisure time or on a journey, Goodreads is a superb book reader application to appreciate. It lets you personalize the library of books you have read and want to read. Users can also rate books and write reviews. You will also get personalized recommendations based on what you have read previously or have searched.

Try to keep following your friends and take part in the reading challenges. Another nifty feature is the ability to scan a book cover and get instant search results on Goodreads’s directory.

  1. Audible

Price: Free

If you don’t have sufficient time for reading or you are busy with loads of other things, then try listening to audiobooks. You will somehow feel refreshed to do the particular work that you are doing.

If you want more free content, then choose any of the titles from our favourite audiobook applications.

  1. DoggCatcher

Price: Free

Are you a podcast aficionado? Then you need DoggCatcher – one of the best podcast applications for listening, browsing, downloading as well as managing your podcasts. DoggCatcher also supports Chromecast and Android Auto for endless entertainment. This app has a good selection of video podcasts as well.

Start exploring these apps, and share your thoughts on the apps listed above and recommend your favourite android entertainment applications in the comments section below.

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