What You Should Know About the Effects and Benefits of CBD on PTSD

Nearly everyone has experienced trauma in their lives at some time, in some form, and to some extent. It can occur as a result of many different types of experiences: accidents, abuse, war, disasters, traumatic loss and more. Making matters worse, trauma can have devastating consequences.

Anyone who feels disconnected, distressed, or isolated after witnessing or experiencing a life-threatening event, may have PTSD. Unfortunately, many of the treatments currently prescribed have little or no positive results, and even often have negative side effects. If this sounds like you or someone you care about you can get tips from Weed Seeds USA.

Does CBD Oil Help to Treat PTSD?

Recent studies have shown that CBD oil has many promising benefits that help to alleviate symptoms of PTSD, especially in those who have tried other more conventional treatments without success.

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According to these studies and more, using CBD oil in the treatment of PTSD holds the following benefits:

  • Prevention of nightmares
  • May help to prevent “fear memories”
  • May alleviate depression and anxiety
  • May help to alleviate insomnia

It Helps With the Prevention of Nightmares

Some clinical trials show a significant reduction in the number and severity of flashbacks, nightmares, and persistent traumatic memories in those who suffer from PTSD.

May Help to Prevent “Fear Memories”

CBD interrupts long-term memory processing. As a result, it reduces stress and anxiety.

It also interacts with the part of the brain responsible for our reactions to stress and fear,which is why CBD is considered therapeutic for those suffering from PTSD. CBD products are  also  known to interact with receptors in the central nervous system and are considered to have a calming effect that helps with pain management.If you are interested in using CBD, make sure you research the potency and purity of products as the industry is very little supervised. Brands such as JoyOrganics and ChemicalPlanet supplements are transparent about their formulas and are third-party tested. 

Depression and Anxiety Can be Alleviated

CBD has been shown to have a wide range of calming effects that help reduce the number and severity of panic attacks, compulsiveness, anxiety, and other long-term symptoms associated with PTSD.

It Helps to Alleviate Insomnia

CBD helps improve the quality and quantity of sleep and  significantly reduces night sweats.

What Dose of CBD is Recommended?

Anyone who is trying CBD for the first time should begin with a small dose and gradually increase it. Dosage recommendations are problematic since they vary depending on the product being taken. The most important factors are the desired strength and your weight.

Drops are the most commonly used method of taking CBD, but there are other methods such as topical. With drops, just place a dose under your tongue where it can be absorbed quickly and easily and swallow after from 30 seconds to a minute.

Studies have shown that a large dose ranges from 12 mg to 25 mg of oil can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety. CBD will start to take effect after one to two hours after consuming the oil. The most important thing to remember is to go slow.

Be patient when evaluating results. Try keeping a journal of dosages and keep track of your symptoms and result. When symptoms start to subside, the ideal dose has been reached.


CBD has been found to have a significant impact on the body’s  endocannabinoid system, although he effects are very different. Recent studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system is essential in the regulation of homeostasis, the ability of the body to adjust itself to changes from the external environment.

Studies have shown that ECS is crucial in function of the nervous system and brain, which CBD has been found to help regulate. This means that with CBD, factors such as pain, sleep, appetite, and cognitive function can improve.

The bottom line is that CBD is very effective in alleviating many of the major symptoms of PTSD. 

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