Educational Benefits of Grenada Citizenship by Investment


Grenada citizenship is most sought after for its financial freedom and ease of travel. However, other educational benefits come with Grenada Citizenship by Investment. So, how can Grenada citizenship help your kids to get a good education?

With a Grenada passport by investment, it is a lot easier for your children to get enrolled in top schools in the UK, US, and European Union universities. They may even do so without needing a student visa. You not only get to save on your tuition fees but are also free to visit your son/daughter visa-free. 

Preparing for University Admission

A student visa is often a requirement for those who want to study overseas. However, if your child has Grenada citizenship, they may study abroad without a visa. Even when it is required, they can get it through a much-simplified process. 

A Grenada passport means you can access countries in the Schengen area without a visa. Also, you can stay there for up to 90 days in 6 months. 

Also, Grenada passport holders are eligible to visit the UK, where they can stay there for 180 days a year. You can split your UK stay into several visits or be there for six consecutive months. 

With visa-free entry, the study is simpler as you don’t have to spend time processing visa documents. This period can be enough for you to pursue short-term courses. However, for a longer study such as a degree course, you will need to have a student visa.

Students who have completed their high school education and want to pursue further education in foreign countries can sit for foundation preparatory courses at a private school or university of their choice. These courses take six months to one year. 

Learners who wish to pursue university education in EU countries and the UK are required to either complete an International Baccalaureate or an A-Level program. These are taught to children aged 16-18 years. 

Education in Grenada

The Grenadian government provides free education to children below the age of 16 years. The country’s education system follows the British model. The country has 20 schools, three universities, and several colleges. Those who graduate from school can further their education and complete higher education at any of the country’s three leading universities:

  • St. George’s University
  • The University of West Indies
  • Technical University

St. George’s University is a prestigious United States offshore university and the best medical university in the entire Caribbean region. Founded in 1976, it attracts students from over 100 countries with learners from the US, Europe, and the UK thronging it. Among the courses on offer include veterinary medicine, science, arts, and post-graduate courses. 

How A Grenada Citizenship Helps Your Child Study in the UK

Since Grenada is one of the British Commonwealth Nation members, its citizens can visit the UK without necessarily having a visa. They can also stay in the UK for a maximum of 180 consecutive days in a year. 

If your child wants to pursue courses that are shorter than six months, they will not need to have a student visa. Also, Grenadian citizens get favorable treatment in many universities in the UK since many UK varsities have a quota for commonwealth members. However, a student visa is mandatory to study at a university or school. 

Because Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth countries, it receives several benefits from British universities. For example, talented Grenada students are eligible for Commonwealth Scholarships. Such a scholarship will allow them to pay for one year of study and also reside in the UK. 

Education in EU countries 

A Grenada passport by investment also opens doors for your child to study in the EU nations. This is thanks to the fact that it allows Grenada residents to reside in the Schengen countries for 90 days in six months. This allows your child to take quick courses and visit a European country without a visa to choose a university. 

A study visa is a requirement for students that want to study at a university or school. Grenada students are eligible for scholarships to pursue education in European universities. There are more than 100,000 European Union scholarships for international learners. Some of these cover the tuition and other living expenses of a student, while others only cover a fraction of the tuition fees. 

Education in the US

A Grenada citizenship by investment qualifies you for a longer-term visa of up to five years. This allows students to study at a college or university without having their visas renewed every year. There are three categories under which international students can get a US visa:

  • F-the scholarships help them to learn in accredited universities and schools
  • M- This is to sponsor learners to complete studies in vocational schools
  • J-Such a scholarship facilitates a learner to complete study in exchange programs. 

Education in the OAS countries(Organization of American States). 

Grenada students are also eligible to take part in the Professional Development Scholarships program. They refer to short-term academic programs in OAS member states.

These scholarships meet the cost of pursuing research, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. Also, the scholarships cover the last 2 years of a person’s undergraduate studies as well as short-term language courses for students from English-speaking countries of the Caribbean. 


A Grenadian passport, turns out, has many benefits, especially to your child’s education. With this passport, your child can pursue high-quality education in the US, UK, and Schengen countries like Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, and Serbia, to mention but a few without a complicated visa application process. Also, it opens doors for a multitude of scholarships and other academic grants simply because they are Grenadians. 

The advantages are even more pronounced when your child studies in British universities. Since Grenada is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, her students get preferential treatment. They are also prioritized over students from other regions. 

As a parent, the advantage you have is that you can visit your child anytime without a visa. Whether it is a graduation ceremony or you want to see your child on a weekend, you don’t require a visa. 

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