Review: Drive your portfolio to success with Account Manager in 2023


The volatility of the capital markets can be quite demanding. With the growing market dynamics, the impact of the macro economic factors spiral up. Having the right brokerage platform ensures that you are well aware of the global news & events. Often, an experienced account manager takes care of your portfolio. It gives the added layer of cushion to the traders, to fall back on. is well renowned for their account managers, whose focus is on client profitability. As per EconomyPair review, the account managers pave the way for every beginner to ace the changing market dynamics & put the right step forward.

You must be wondering what the exact role of the account managers of EconomyPair is. Here we take a dive into the major roles and outcomes of the account managers.

Key roles played by the account managers at EconomyPair

The main responsibility of the account manager lies in the portfolio management of their clients. It is important to understand that most traders use the capital markets as their second source of income. Under such a scenario tracking the stock market is not possible 24/7.

An account manager makes sure to track the movements of the stock markets – and the global cues. Forex market is highly impacted by the changing global environments. A dedicated account manager makes sure to track these global trends – and suggest the entry and exit prices for the market instruments.

Another role that the account managers fill in is the portfolio sizing. It is quite important to size the portfolio and investments to ensure that the loss doesn’t breach the capital. It is where account managers at EconomyPair make sure that their clients are at an advantage. Portfolio sizing is a risk mitigation strategy which aims to reduce the losses, if the trade goes in the reverse direction.

But, what are the different account plans available for the traders at EconomyPair? Let us find it out!

Different account options available for traders at EconomyPair

EconomyPair has a list of different account services wherein the traders can select the one which suits them the best – based on their trading goals.

Here is a list of numerous trading account types:

  1. Beginner: As the name suggests, this is perfect for the traders who have just plunged into the trading world. Here are the key features of this account:

    Leverage of 10X to every trade taken
    2.Availability of an account manager based on your needs
    3. Ability to trade across 60+ market instruments
    4. 24/5 customer support team’s availability
    5. Limited open positions available simultaneously.
    6. Feature of trading signals is not available
    7. Support on Webtrader & mobile application for trading.
  • Trader: Most of the features remain the same. In addition to the above features, the leverage being offered is 20X.

  • Expert: The additional feature include:
        1. Availability of the trading signals
        2.Leverage of 30X
        3. Unlimited open positions available
  • VIP: Traders can avail 40X leverage on top of the features that are already available.
  • Exclusive: Features like a minimum trading lot of 0.01 lot is backed by leverage of 50X that makes it truly stand out.