Eco Floating hotel: That rotates 360 degrees to generate its own electricity

Have you ever imagined taking a sip of coffee in an eco-floating hotel?

You need to visit the eco-floating hotel in Qatar to fulfil your wish. The architectural marvel is proposed and designed by Hayari Atak Architectural Design Studio.

Here Architecturesstyle will let you know the eye-catching architectural masterpiece and the technology behind its own generating electricity by revolving on it.

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HADDS)

image © Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

First, let’s talk about the Hayri Architectural Design Studio. It is first planned on the off coast in Qatar, but it might be shifted to another location due to its mobile characteristic feature. HAADS team has taken help from the ship construction engineers and consultants; ship architects have an important role in manoeuvring the project.

The project has started working in March 2020, and it aims to finish the whole project in 2025. It has adopted the core motto of minimum energy loss and zero waste principle. It can provide its own electricity by rotating around its position. It gives a spellbound user experience to visitors. The gorgeous and mighty 5-star hotel covers an area of 35,000 square meters and encompasses 152 rooms.

Let’s discuss the special elements that have played a key role in manoeuvring the magnificent architectural hotel.


The eco-floating hotel is wholly inspired by the sea in its form and design principle. It is crystal clear that the project will only work where there is a high possibility of continuous current. The vortex name is taken from the sea vortex. In the central vortex structure, the water formed and disappeared by developing a regular current, giving a transparent mass silhouette. The vortex also works with a capillary effect.

Dynamic Positioning (DP)

The project accords with the formation of a vortex to ensure providing the electrical energy with a distinct panoramic view of perspective. It takes 24 hours to complete its tour. Have you heard about the Dynamic Positioning (DP) system? It is used in ships where rotation can be managed and fixed. DP is an automated controlled system that utilizes its direction by propellers and thrusters.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and Umbrella (VAWTAU)

The project has beautifully harnessed its green energy production by VAWTAU (vertical axis wind turbine and umbrella). It functions as a sun umbrella on the coastal band and works as a wind turbine on the vertical axis. Do you know that the architectural structure can generate 25 KW of electrical energy from 55 VAWTAU modules? Doesn’t it sound amazing?. The working principle of VAWTAU is the temperature difference that takes advantage of temperature difference in sea and land.

Effective Use of Green Areas and Rainwater

When you see its top cover, the vortex has aimed to harness the rainwater fully. The water utilized here is known as gray water that maintains the water balance of green areas. The project is fully determined not to use fossil fuels at any cost. However, it aims to utilize the maximum of its rainwater accumulation, rotational movement, and VAWTAU modules. All the required water to generate electricity is met by gray water, and the drinking water is met by purification from sea water. It effectively treats the waste water and doesn’t let it enter into the sea.

Floating Platform

The floating platform is its distinctive structure. Due to its characteristic feature of floating platforms, it can move to the desired location where there is a maximum flow of current.

The Three Different Access to the Hotel

The Eco-Floating Hotel has three different accesses. The first access route is a 140-degree floating pier, the second access is through a boat from the sea to the hotel, and the third access is by helicopter where the airway is located on the floating pier.

Special Features

The hotel imbibes the 700 square meters central lobby that looks like a transparent vertical surface. Each room has its own balcony to see the marvelous beauty of the sea and coastal areas. The best part is you can see the whole 360 degrees of your ambience as it rotates its position. It has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sauna, gym, spa, mini-golf course and other activity areas.

Final Words

The Eco-Floating Hotel is a marvelous and gigantic architectural structure that is built by Hyari Atak. The water vortex of the sea inspires the principle of floating construction and the generation of electricity. The central vortex has taken the maximum water current, which is managed by a dynamic positioning system. It is later sent to the VAWATU that channelizes the whole water into 25 KW of electricity by its colossal 55 VAWATU modules. The magnificent structure is beautifully harnessed by the ecological system, and it aims not to use fossil fuels.

The water needed for electricity is met by gray water, and other essential water needs are met by purified sea water. You can enter into the Eco-Floating hotel by its three different accesses. One from the land, second from the sea and third from the air. The hotel is equipped with all the recreational activities like gyms, spas, swimming pools, and other structures. You must visit once in your lifetime after its final completion and enjoy the marvelous and unique hotel that generates its electricity by rotating.