Using AstroTurf to improve your home is the latest eco-trend. As well as keeping gardens, pitches, and playgrounds green all year round, Astroturf has several other uses. The Astroturf can replace your lawn, as well as your rooftop, deck, or balcony. The use of artificial grass can be the perfect solution if your roof needs to be refinished or if you want to improve the design of your rooftop. A wonderful place to walk barefoot, lush, and green at all times. With a rooftop deck, homeowners can enjoy more privacy, breath-taking views, and the benefit of living in a condominium, townhouse, or other urban settings.


  • Buildings and homes that have artificial turf boost the aesthetics and curb appeal of their buildings by making them appear green and lush.
  • Installation can help you create a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • Artificial grass looks and feels as real as natural grass today thanks to today’s synthetic turf technology.


  • It is important to ensure the safety of rooftop installations when estimating and installing synthetic grass. In some cases, installing artificial grass is not as simple as it appears to be for a homeowner. Even professionals aren’t all equally suited for these jobs.
  • Because some contractors do not understand how to correctly install artificial grass on rooftops, it’s no surprise they turn away from offering the service. A thermoplastic polyolefin membrane is usually the roof covering of most homes today. This is a single-ply roofing membrane without multiple layers. It provides excellent results, maintains buildings, and performs well for a long time. The performance might be great, but the look might not be so great. When artificial grass is installed on a flat TPO surface, the surface becomes much more interesting
  • When you measure a roof’s pitch (slope) you consider how many inches it rises over one foot. For example, 8:12 means that the slope of the roof rises or descends by 8 inches per 12 inches. A slope should be in the range of 30 degrees, to put things into perspective.
  • The amount of rainfall determines the way water drains from a roof. Drainages can be found at the ends or in the middle of your roof. The drains on a large roof are usually distributed throughout the area. What if your roof has no proper slope or drainage? Synthetic turf systems can be damaged and shortened in life if they are installed on top of standing water.


  • Seaming professionally is the only way to avoid looking at another unsightly seam every time you turn around because the tape does not adhere well to rain, improperly done seams will show.
  • DIYers and contractors that are not knowledgeable also make another costly mistake. The seams will appear much more prominent if two pieces of turf are placed the wrong way around. Installing an expertly installed surface gives the grass a much greener appearance.


The advantages of artificial grass include its ease of maintenance, high quality, and ideal properties for homes. How much will it cost to install artificial grass is a sore topic for many people when contemplating that decision. There are other costs you need to consider in addition to the cost of artificial grass, such as the cost to install and maintain it.

ARTIFICIAL GRASS COST: Artificial grass comes in many styles, each with a different price. Before you decide to buy artificial grass, know what type of grass is right for you.

ARTIFICIAL GRASS INSTALLATION COST: Depending on how you are installing the artificial grass as well as on your preferences, installation costs may vary.

ARTIFICIAL GRASS MAINTENANCE COST: It’s designed to be extremely low maintenance, which is one of the reasons so many choose it over natural grass.

You don’t always have to clean up a mess when you add some greenery to your deck. Using AstroTurf to make a flowing walkway is brilliant. If you are searching for green grass in a hot climate or want to avoid maintenance, artificial grass is the way to go.