Easiest Ways to Get More Instagram Video Views

So you want to go viral?

A lot of people whose videos end up being viewed around the world don’t even plan to. Embarrassing moments coupled with hidden cameras usually catch people unprepared. The result is 15 minutes of fame that you might not even want.

For those who want to achieve that online fame, not catching that moment of chance is frustrating.

If you’re an Instagram user, you know the ritual of checking your most recent video post for clicks.

The number of Instagram video views is a status symbol. Getting a lot of likes is a signal to others that your video is worth watching. So these numbers need to go up.

If you’re a musician, you want your latest recording to showcase your talent. If you post a video for your business, it’s likely part of a marketing campaign. If you’re simply uploading a video profile, you’re definitely not doing it for yourself.

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It’s about sharing it with friends and followers. They want the world to take notice.

The need to get the world’s attention led to Instagram being the most downloaded app a week after its release. It is the app that has reached 1,000,000 downloads in no time.

How can you get more views through Instagram? Is there a magic formula?

I wouldn’t call it a formula. If I had one I would be rich. However, you may not be aware that some simple adjustments can result in more video views. Let’s bring more viewers to your profile!

1. Start with the basics

Instagram — or IG as it’s popularly known — launched in 2010 as a fun app. Today it has become a great tool for both business and leisure – with 700 million users.

If your goal is to go viral, approach Instagram with a business mindset. Several people are regularly buying Instagram Followers which is getting them great results. 

Instagram settings

Have you examined all the settings in your Instagram app? Small changes can easily connect you to many more users.

Try these:

  • Make sure you can easily connect with all possible users. Get information from “Find and Invite Friends” and “Suggested Users” in your Instagram settings.
  • Your profile determines your image in public. You don’t want harmful photos to appear on your profile. Under Settings look for ‘Photos of you’ and add manually. Now you have more control.
  • Build online relationships with important people who can share and view your posts. Adjust settings to let you know when these Instagram users post something new. You can see or like it immediately.
  • Right after a new post is the time when your idols will pay the most attention to their posts. If you like them first, they will notice and remember your name.

Your bio

Instagram isn’t just about the pictures. Users want to know who they are following. Make sure your bio is complete. Add fun facts that will make followers keep their eyes peeled for your next post.

Your bio must include hashtags that you use frequently. You can also use keywords. These will all help get you noticed by:

  • Pinterest users with similar interests
  • Search engines
  • The hashtag search

Include a link to your page for those who want more details. Don’t let them lose interest because of a lack of information.

2. Join the crowd

You can’t sit back and wait for viewers to come to you. The only way you will get more Instagram video views is by being part of the crowd.

Don’t stay in your usual group of followers. It’s like going to the same hangout every weekend expecting to make new friends. Now you will learn how to ‘meet’ more users. Other than that, you also have an option to buy Instagram Likes Canada to boost the engagement rate. 

Who are you following?

Instagram works because people have a desire to connect with each other. It is likely that if you follow someone, they will return the favor as a token of appreciation.

Who are you currently following? Do they set the trends? Make sure you’re connected to users who have communities to benefit from.

If all of your posts have a specific theme, like music, or a business field, follow the leaders in that field.

Find out what the successful Instagram users are doing and follow suit. If a leader follows you back, he or she can view, like, and share your posts. Then you will be seen by a whole new community!

Posts What People Love

You don’t have to take a professional photography course. You can improve your current posts by applying the following tips:

  • When creating infographics, use professional online tools like Canva or SuperViral. You may have to pay for some of the features, but it’s worth it. The professional approach will shine through and you’ll get more Instagram views.
  • Show people in your videos. People are attracted to faces and figures. Example: Bring in people even if your content is landscapes.
  • Can you imagine what the most popular Instagram filter is? The Mayfair filter. This applies in particular to marketing posts. Try it.
  • Colors matter. When you use blue in your footage or design, you get 24% more feedback than other colors. This trend also applies to posts that are light rather than dark.
  • Curb the filters. This is a popular Instagram feature, but it doesn’t increase views. However, frames are quite successful at making your posts more attractive.

Say where you are right now

Instagram thinks of everything. The geotagging function tells the user where a photo or video was taken. This works for two reasons to use it to get more views on Instagram:

  • Instagram users want to know what’s going on in their immediate environment. People are naturally curious and like to gossip. If you link your location to your posts, strangers around you will want to know what you’re up to. This is another view for your statistics!
  • Geotagging is a way to search for Instagram posts. People can find your posts simply by entering their neighborhood. Don’t miss this simple marketing tactic.

Remove and declutter

Your Instagram profile is a representation of you. It goes hand in hand with your bio to make an impression on other users.

If your Instagram posts are a collection of experiences for personal reference, you can keep everything you’ve ever posted. However, if you want your Instagram profile to impact employers or business partners, you need to send the right message.

Don’t let your album portray you negatively. Follow these guidelines:

  • Delete the posts that you know are bad. A bad photo will negatively affect a photographer. A poorly done infographic won’t impress your customers.
  • Clean up your album by keeping only the best. If you want to be impressed, you don’t want to rummage through a large number of posts. If faced with such a profile, they might even prefer to go to another. However, by keeping only the best, they can instantly recognize and access the high-quality work.