Dragonflight Professions Guide: All About New Gathering and Crafting Systems

Crafting and Gathering have been an indispensable part of gameplay since the launch of World of Warcraft. Heroes created good equipment, traded at auction, and got an advantage over others in Vanilla WoW. A lot has changed since then. We have prepared a Dragonflight Professions Guide, so you can quickly get acquainted with all the features of the new expansion.

New Dragonflight Leveling Method

Players recently discovered a new Dragonflight leveling method in beta testing — now crafting gives experience for creating items. This feature has not yet been confirmed by the developers and is only being tested. It can be an alternative leveling method.

Important point: the new system only works with the recipes of the new expansion. Players have already begun to set their own leveling records — a user Kaychak was able to up his character from 60 to 63 in 10 minutes, and then 60–66 in 33 minutes. Kaychak posted a video on his YouTube channel, where he shared the details:

Level FAST in Dragonflight | Level 60 to 66.4 in 33 mins.

Dragonflight Best Professions for All

It’s worth choosing one before leveling if you want to break into the top quickly and start exploring raids or PvP. We have prepared a Dragonflight best professions list specifically for you:

1. Gathering: Herbalism, Skinning, Mining — always in demand and help you to get some gold. Every ore and herb you collect gives an extra experience, and you can skin enemies very quickly to sell everything at the auction house. Be sure to take one of these.

2. Crafting: Engineering, Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring, Inscription, Blacksmithing, Alchemy — take them only after gathering. They greatly slow down leveling and are useful at level 70. Collect all necessary resources with Herbalism, Mining, or Skinning, and up your crafting skills.

3. Enchanting — the most difficult to develop but profitable. Learn Enchanting to disperse items, sell them on auction, or use after leveling 60–70.

4. Cooking & Fishing — takes the most time and is almost useless. Set aside meat you get from enemies to train your Cooking skill after pushing 70, and quickly raise the skill.

What about WoW profession leveling? It’s simple. The Skinning, Herbalism, and Mining skill increases automatically after you collect each resource. Creating is a bit harder and you need to turn to the auction more often, look for new recipes or spend time on crafting. At skill 25 you can already learn almost all recipes available in the new expansion.

Dragonflight Professions Changes

There are many innovations, changes, and features worth checking out. Below you will see the main Dragonflight professions changes:

1. The interface has been completely redesigned — Blizzard has changed all item icons, added sliders and filters. 

2. Order System — players now can receive and make orders. Sellers make profit, and buyers receive gear. This gear is Binding on Pickup (BoP) and transferred between heroes without problems. Public: which all players see, and Private: which only the selected player sees.

3. Specializations — the ability to choose a profession-specific talent tree and spend points there to get new recipes and properties. Specialization points are awarded for completing daily quests, creating items, and even in the treasures of the open world.

4. Reagents and Items Quality — each crafting item now has a rank from 1 to 5. The higher the quality of reagents or items, the better the gear after creation.

5. Skills — increase the speed of crafting, make gear stronger, increase the chance to reduce the spent resources, and make several identical items at once. Skill also affects Gathering — increasing the speed of gathering resources and the number and the probability of finding rare materials. 

6. Special Equipment — a unique innovation, which allows you to increase your crafting skills with special items. 

There are a lot of innovations, and you should understand them right in the game. You can only wear 5 crafted pieces on a character at once.

Skill is reset to 1, and you need to learn everything again when you change professions. Only specializations and special recipes remain. You need to search and learn the rest of the recipes again after changing.

Best Dragonflight Professions for PvP, Mythic+, Goldfarm, and Raids

Every little thing affects the course of the battle in PvP and PvE. Raiders often spend several thousand gold to buy flasks, potions, and enchantments. This can be avoided. We have prepared a list of the best professions for PvP, Mythic+, Goldfarm, and Raids:

  • M+ and Raids: Learn Alchemy and Herbalism. You save tens of thousands of gold on flasks, potions, and other buffs. You can also buy them by placing orders from other players.
  • PvP: study Engineering. This gives you an advantage over opponents, and even in the dungeons — you can resurrect allies or use invisibility. But be careful — some devices are unstable!
  • Goldfarm: Gathering is your best friend here. Download Trade Skill Master addon and earn 400,000+ gold per month from an auction at the expansion start. 

Choose wisely, and remember that anything can slow you down. Choose one from Gathering and one from Crafting, up the skills to 25, then gradually add recipes to get an advantage.

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