Do You Know These 5 Facts About ‘Home Improvement?’

The 90s were a golden era of television, especially when it comes to sitcoms.

Home Improvement was one of the best of these shows, bringing a familiar family dynamic complete with 3 kids getting up to varying levels of mischief!

The show ran from 1991 to 1999, spanning the whole decade and drawing an average of 30 million viewers. While it never hit #1 in the ratings, it gained a reputation as one of the best sitcoms of the decade.

If you’re a fan of 90s trivia, keep reading to learn some things you might not have known about Home Improvement!

1. It Was Pamela Anderson’s First Recurring Role

Everyone knows Pamela Anderson from her Baywatch career, which propelled her to superstardom. But before that, she played the role of Lisa in Home Improvement, the glamorous “Tool Girl” assistant of Tim and Al on Tool Time.

The playmate featured in 23 episodes over the first two seasons of the show, before being replaced by Debbie Dunning. If you’re wondering what she and the rest of the Home Improvement cast have done with their careers since the show, find out what they are up to!

2. The Tool Time Audience Was the Home Improvement Audience

This is a cool little fact about the show that you may not have known. Tim and Al liked to interact with the studio audience on Tool Time, but this audience was in fact the live audience for Home Improvement!

Part of what made this show so great was the laid-back interactive feel, which is partly down to this audience participation!

3. The Show Originally Had a Different Name

Before the name Home Improvement, the show was called “Hammer Time”. You won’t need too many guesses to figure out why there may have been an issue with this name!

Thankfully, the change wasn’t down to any legal disputes, rather the show’s producers decided that with the rising popularity of MC Hammer, it was best to avoid any confusion by changing the name of the show to Home Improvement.

4. A Parody Song Got Shut Down by the Producers of Friends

Weird Al Yankovic is famous for his hilarious song parodies, and he had written one called “I’ll repair for you” based on the Rembrandts hit which was used as the theme music for Friends.

While the band themselves liked the song and the joke, the producers of Friends felt differently and refused Weird Al permission to use it.

5. Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson Turned Down a Ninth Season

After eight seasons and over 200 episodes, the final curtain closed on Home Improvement. Not because the producers canceled the show, but because the husband-and-wife stars of the show turned down a huge sum of money to do it.

Richardson was offered $25 million, while Tim Allen was offered double that! 

A Little Taste of 90s Trivia

Fans of 90s trivia love hearing these facts about their favorite shows from a brilliant decade of television!

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