Do App Ratings Matter?

In years gone by, consumers would have to put a level of trust in businesses and believe that the products they were buying were going to be reliable and as described. These days are rapidly disappearing, with new technology offering users greater insights into products, giving them the ability to make more informed decisions.

Product reviews let consumers read the thoughts and opinions of other customers before deciding to make a purchase. We see these everywhere, including makeup products, tech gadgets, and, of course, apps. Let’s discuss whether or not app ratings really matter and ask why so many developers are choosing to buy iOS app ratings. Read on to find out more.

How do App Ratings Work?

Before we can decide whether or not app ratings matter, we first need to learn how they work. App ratings are scores given to apps by users, generally using a system of one to five stars. If a user loves an app, they may give it five stars, while if a user hates an app, they could give it one star.

Every rating given is collated, and an average overall rating is displayed on the app’s product page. They act as a quicker and more efficient review system. Rather than typing out a full review, users can simply leave a rating. Users browsing the store can quickly check the rating instead of reading a long text-based review.

Chart Position

There are millions of different apps out there. App stores sort these into charts to make it easier for users to browse and find apps to download. Where apps are ranked in these charts can influence how much traffic and how many downloads they generate, so higher positions are always more desirable.

App stores take various factors into account when deciding where to place apps in these charts. They will look closely at ratings, with positively rated apps being placed in the top spots and negatively rated apps ranked in lower positions.

This clearly demonstrates just how vital app ratings are. If your app doesn’t have any good ratings or has negative ones, it’s going to be ranked low in the charts and will never generate enough traffic to be a success.

Image and Reputation

App ratings can affect where your app is placed in the charts, but they can also have a more direct impact on how your product and wider business are perceived by consumers.

If your app has lots of positive ratings, this will assure users that your app and your company are reliable and legitimate and that the app is both safe to use and will carry out its stated purpose.

On the other hand, lots of negative reviews will make consumers perceive your app and business as untrustworthy, unreliable, and potentially fraudulent. They will assume your app is of poor quality and that it could even pose a security threat.

App ratings can significantly influence consumer perception and can impact your brand image and reputation, directly affecting sales.

As we have highlighted above, app ratings matter. They are something that all developers must consider when launching their apps. 

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