The DJI RoboMaster EP Core: A Game Changer In STEAM Classrooms

DJI RoboMaster EP Core
DJI RoboMaster EP Core

This AI robot is shaping the future of STEAM education by engaging students in real-world problems and providing inquiry-based learning.

It encourages innovation with the latest technology.

The DJI RoboMaster EP Core is a successor to RoboMAster S1. This adaptable AI robot is breaking the walls of traditional education, here is why.

Dji RoboMaster Ep Core

  1. Equipment

Robotic arm and Gripper

The incredibly flexible and compact Robotic arm and durable Gripper are new additions, which did not exist in the previous version. The arm has precise FPV control which allows students to work outside their line of sight. The gripper has a convenient structural design and adjustable gripping force allowing it to grasp and move objects of many measurements.

Mecanum wheels

These wheels, though not a new addition to the robot, never fail to amaze us with 12 rollers in each wheel so that it can move in all directions with precision and versatile motion.

High-Performance Servo and Motor

The servo provides high control accuracy and large output torque. It can also power the arm to build lifting structures. It supports custom control through the EP core’s main control board. The custom motor comes with Linear Hall- effect sensors which allow closed-loop control.

Intelligent controller

It coordinates transmission effortlessly to execute command signals. It uses a powerful CPU to support multiple functions simultaneously. Some functions include AI Computing and Programming development.

Infrared distance sensor  

This sensor empowers the student’s comprehension of advanced autonomous driving principles by sensing its environment and avoiding obstacles.

  1. Compatibility

3rd party hardware- legos and 3D printed objects

Connect building blocks, 3D models and more, to stimulate the student’s imagination and build custom programs.

3rd party open-source hardware

Third-party open-source hardware like Micro:bit, Arduino, Rasberry Pi expand accessibility and provide a wide base of functions with ease of access.

AI platforms

Enhance understanding of AI operation with NVIDIA Jetson Nano and official DJI SDK which perform model training and scene recognition.

3rd party sensors

Four sensor adapters allow connection and power to third party sensors for inputs like temperature, pressure, distance, etc. This data can be used in Scratch as well.

  1. Real World AI implementation

Video and Audio Streaming Data

Achieves Better recognition with stabilised images, gives in-depth learning projects like data analysis.

Swarm and Attitude data

The gyroscopes on the chassis collect attitude data for flexible coding. Have fun with Multi-machine communication by connecting many EP cores to one computer.

Simple AI Tasks

Identifies, senses and tracks motion. Avoids obstacles. It is a brilliant goalkeeper and plays fetch.

Software programming platform

Scratch and Python, Low latency Hd FPV, get custom UI by coding virtual widgets in Python.

  1. Teaching resources

Custom learning material

DJI provides the full package of Robotics education. It comes with a custom curriculum, a fun testing–competition database and tailor projects. The teachers also get lecture slides, lesson plans, worksheets and handouts which are easy to follow for all ages.


Competitions are quick and efficient to test and gauge the learning of the students in an exciting method. The competition database offers simple rules for a box of competitions.

Activities and Events

Students and teachers alike can take advantage of many training workshops and communities worldwide. DJI makes many efforts in the STEAM education field.


University of New South Wales and the Science Centre Singapore favour students who participate in RoboMaster camps. Together with DJI, these institutions bring forth the best of STEAM education into the classroom.

This incredible AI robot is loved by students, teachers and robotic enthusiasts alike. It is a game-changer in its field, not only helping students get live experience but also making them more enthusiastic to come and play with their new toy every day.