Discover How Russian Tutors Can Help You Learn Russian Quickly

Experienced Russian Tutors Can Make Learning Russian Easy

Learning a new language requires discipline, and with Russian, this is even more true. Russian is a language backed by a rich culture and heritage, but it doesn’t share much in common with English. So as an English speaker, if you want to learn Russian, it will take time, effort, and determination. Enlisting the help of a private Russian tutor can significantly speed up your progress. 

Private tutors can cater to your particular learning preferences, help you focus on your goals, and encourage you when you get off track. While learning Russian as a second language can be challenging, a tutor can make it a lot easier. And there’s no better feeling than actually succeeding. If you’re ready to start learning Russian, is a great resource for finding educated and experienced tutors to help you along your journey. 

Benefits of Learning Russian With an Online Tutor

Adults who want to learn Russian have many options for doing so: online classes, local tutors, self-teaching, and more. However, each of these options has significant drawbacks.

With online classes, you’re learning in a group setting, which means the teacher has to focus on an entire group as opposed to just you. If you’re behind or ahead of the group, it doesn’t matter—you’ll be stuck going at the pace set by the teacher. When you learn with an online tutor, on the other hand, you get to set the pace, and the tutor can go as fast or slow as they need based on your progress. 

Additionally, if you have the unfortunate experience of learning with a poor teacher, you may be deterred from learning the language altogether. Research published in the International Journal of Leadership in Education shows that if a teacher has poor leadership, it negatively impacts a student’s motivation. In other words, it can end up having the opposite effect of what you really want. With an online tutor, you get to choose a tutor, so you can make sure to find someone you connect with and don’t run the risk of getting turned off. 

With local tutors, you get personalized attention but, in many cases, end up paying a lot of money for lessons. Local tutors can charge more money than online tutors since they don’t usually have a lot of competition. Online tutors, on the other hand, know that if they charge too much, you can choose someone else, so they price their sessions more competitively. For example, on Eurekly, some tutors offer sessions starting as low as $10. It’s unlikely to find that kind of pricing from an in-person, local tutor. 

Local tutoring is also less appealing during the age of COVID-19 when many are still trying to avoid contact with as many people as possible. Learning online means you don’t have to put yourself at risk for exposure.

And finally, there’s always the option of self-teaching, but a great deal of discipline is necessary for this. If there’s no one cheering you on or requiring you to practice, it’s easy to procrastinate or simply not to do it at all—even if the desire to learn Russian is there. An online tutor can provide motivation, inspiration, and encouragement so that you can stick to your goals. 

How Long Does It Take to Learn Russian?

There are many estimates regarding how long it takes to learn Russian, ranging from a few months to a few years. The reality is, the amount of time you put into learning Russian will directly impact how fast you learn the language. The more hours you put in, the faster it will take. This is true for learning Russian or any other second language. 

Consistency is crucial for making steady progress. If you learn for three months, take a break for a month, and then resume, you may very likely have forgotten most of what you learned in those three months. You’ll then have to start from scratch! If you’re able to maintain consistent lessons, however, you’re more likely to make continual progress instead of regressing. This will help you learn the language faster. 

Why Learn Russian?

Everyone has their own reasons for learning Russian. It may be because you have a Russian-speaking family that you’d like to connect with, or you live in a largely Russian-speaking neighborhood. You may plan to travel to a Russian-speaking country or relocate there permanently. In some cases, children of Russian immigrants know how to speak the language fluently but can’t read or write. In this case, finding a Russian tutor who focuses on these areas can greatly increase your confidence. 

Whatever your reason for learning Russian, choosing a competent Russian tutor can help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some background knowledge, there are plenty of online tutors who can help guide you from your starting point. Check out and get started on your Russian-learning adventure today!