Disco balls – things you should know about disco balls

Disco balls - things you should know about disco balls

Disco ball (also known as a mirror ball, glitter balls, or sparkle balls) is the most iconic piece on dance floors across the world for over a century.

A disco ball was first recorded in 1897 at an annual society party in Charlestown, Massachusetts, and Disco balls became popularized in the mid-1920s in America. It is the most wanted piece of music equipment ever invented. 

Here are such interesting things you should know about disco balls

How much does a big disco balls cost?

12,14, 18, 24 Inch Mirror Ball Reolite cost $20. the average price is around 20-30$ on amazon.

How big of a disco ball do I need?

It depends on how big is your room and Where do you plan on hanging it? What is the height of the ceiling?

A 12 inch 30cm mirror ball would be a great choice if your room is not very big. And the most cost-effective, the weight is also very light. 

Can I have a disco ball in my car?

Yes, you can. it is not illegal, however, it can be very annoying for the driver in old cars where there is only a single dome light.

In the video, you can see how to add a disco ball to your car.

How fast should a disco ball spin?

The standard mirror ball rotator is an induction motor and usually, something (motor or dimmer) will die they don’t work even on full power. Please use a real switch with contacts. the typical speeds are 0.5 – 2 RPM and bigger balls look better slower.

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Do people still use disco balls?

Disco may be dead, but the disco ball is stayin’ alive. these balls are still a popular novelty decoration in many nightclubs, restaurants, and homes.