Different ways to improve your typing speed & accuracy

Different ways to improve your typing speed & accuracy

Increasing your typing efficiency will have a significant positive impact on your productivity if you work from home. If you’re learning online, your quick and accurate typing abilities will help you remain on top of your work. Once you have practiced enough, English Typing Test is conducted to check your speed and accuracy. 

See our ten ideas below to improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Be at ease first and foremost.

You ought to feel at ease in your seat. You will only be as successful if you feel satisfied before practicing. Ensure your chair is cozy, your back is supported correctly, and your posture is upright.

Use the correct positioning.

Ensure you are upright in your chair and at a comfortable height for your keyboard or laptop. Put your feet on the ground, and the distance between you and the computer screen should be between 15 and 25 inches. Your elbows should remain at a 90-degree angle. It would be best if you weren’t resting your wrists or hands on the desk. 

Focus on accuracy over speed.

Slow down, go to focus mode, and make sure your accuracy is your primary concern. To develop your natural talents, you must slow down. As soon as you master the fundamentals, speed will follow. 

Stretch your hands, neck, and shoulders often.

After some practice, you can have stiffness in your hands, neck, and shoulders. To avoid needless discomfort, keep in mind to take pauses and stretch when you can.

Don’t look at the keyboard or your hands.

Your natural inclination could be to glance down at your hands or the keyboard, but you’re losing focus and moving more slowly every time you do. If you are tempted to glance at the keyboard, try covering your hands with a dishtowel or something similar.

Look away from the computer screen.

You’ll be fixedly staring at a computer screen as you work to increase your typing speed and accuracy. Allow your eyes to rest. After every practice test, turn your head away or leave the room to do something else. Your progress will be hampered by eye tiredness, so practice carefully!

Go slow

Give it some time. If necessary, type one word at a time, but before moving on, make sure you order it correctly the first time and then several times more. If you move slowly, your muscle memory will develop, and your brain learns more effectively with time and practice.

Use online resources and games.

Your friend is the internet! You may improve your typing accuracy and speed by playing many games and taking many practice exams online. Use Typing Academy to track your progress, practice typing exams, and receive free lessons. 

Set goals

Setting objectives is vital for anything, including learning how to boost your typing speed and accuracy. You want to be able to type how many words per minute. How many words should you be able to type in a row accurately and with the right-hand position? Establish your objectives and create an action plan to achieve them.

Keep practicing

This typing speed improvement advice is relatively straightforward: keep going! You’ll achieve your objectives quickly if you keep your goals in mind, maintain appropriate posture and hand positioning, and practice regularly.

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Written by Joshua White

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