Different Braking Systems Required for Your Truck


Truck braking systems are critical safety systems; hence their performance is paramount-particularly in heavy commercial vehicles. Therefore, it is crucial to select only the best brakes when replacing used ones with aftermarket parts.

As you consider the best brands to opt for, think about established companies like Knorr-Bremse. Here is why Knorr braking systems are the ideal option.

Who is Knorr-Bremse?

The Knorr-Bremse Group is a Germany-based company that was founded 110 years ago. The brand holds significant renown as the world’s leading braking system manufacturer. Additionally, the company supplies sub-systems for various commercial vehicle and rail applications. While Knorr-Bremse focuses on the continued development of braking technology, it also has expansion interests where it will venture further into diagnostics.

Braking systems

Knorr offers a diverse range of products that, when taken together, essentially form complete braking systems for commercial vehicles. The company offers three types of braking systems:

Pneumatic: Pneumatic braking systems in commercial vehicles primarily use compressed air. Compressors produce this air which is then stored for use when braking. During braking action, the air gets directed via control valves to the brake actuators.

Compressed air is likely the most critical aspect of commercial vehicle operation for brake system reliability and performance.

Mechanics: Knorr specialises in producing lightweight- yet significantly effective- heavy-duty disc brakes. These systems can attain a clamping force of 300 kN with a 900kW retardation. Such statistics make Knorr mechanics standout components that numerous heavy vehicle manufacturers opt for.

Electronics: Modern braking systems use electronics to improve the speed and reliability of braking. Knorr recognises this shift and endeavours to remain at the forefront of innovation, especially in designing electronic components and systems to provide drivers with better handling, safety, stability, and comfort.

Complex control engineering: Knorr has been manufacturing complex pneumatic control systems for more than a century, and it is effective for more than braking. Instead, their systems are employed throughout the powertrain including in truck air suspension.

Knorr has over 100 years of experience in the parts manufacturing industry. Hence, their expertise makes the company one of the largest original truck equipment manufacturers, including aftermarket parts for European trucks and aftermarket parts for American trucks. Here is an overview of Knorr’s range of braking systems and truck parts:

· Vibration dampers

· Compressors

· Exhaust brakes

· Air treatment

· Transmission management

· Valves

· Electronic systems

· Actuators

· Air disc brakes

· Drum brakes

Therefore, Knorr, in essence, encompasses all aspects of braking control systems, including electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, and complex control engineering.

Beyond Braking

Knorr-Bremse’s horizons are also expanding beyond its current field of renown. The company recently acquired a major interest in Spanish manufacturer- Cojali S.L. This move will enhance Knorr’s aftermarket business and give the company better access to digitisation and connectivity technologies.

This acquisition will grant Knorr access to Cojali’s Jaltests Diagnostics and Telematics. As a result, you can also expect significant strides forward in expanding the range of remote diagnostics technology and ever-improving braking systems.

Knorr has consistently been offering superior braking systems for decades. Their technical excellence acts as a platform from which the company continuously conducts worldwide research to find new ways to improve vehicle handling and safety. This persistence in striving for better makes Knorr one of the world’s premier heavy and commercial vehicle brake system suppliers.

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Written by Joshua White

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