Daymond John Net Worth

Daymond John

A prominent businessman, author, and motivational speaker

Net Worth $350 million

Daymond John is well-known for his astute business investments and media presence. As a prominent businessman, author, and motivational speaker, Daymond John has cemented his status in the entrepreneurial world. He has made a name for himself through his clothing brand FUBU and his insightful investments, particularly on “Shark Tank.” As of 2024, Daymond John has a net worth of $350 million.

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Daymond John’s Net Worth 2024

Daymond John’s net worth in 2024 stands tall among the affluent personalities in business and entertainment. Over recent years, his financial landscape has seen both growth and shifts reflective of his dynamic involvement in various ventures.

Net worth timeline

How did Daymond John get rich?

Daymond John embarked on his journey to wealth as an enterprising young man in Queens, New York. With an initial investment that was modest at best, John’s entrepreneurial spirit saw him laying the foundation for his iconic clothing brand FUBU. His savvy business tactics and relentless drive propelled FUBU to a notable position in the fashion industry and laid the groundwork for his subsequent ventures.

How many businesses does Daymond John own in 2024?

By 2024, Daymond John’s business portfolio boasted several significant ventures. These include: 
  • FUBU: His flagship apparel brand. 
  • The Shark Group: A branding and marketing consultancy.

Earnings from The Own Business

A substantial part of Daymond John’s annual earnings stems from varied business ventures, most notably FUBU. His primary income source remains his portfolio of investments and the businesses he manages.

How much does Daymond John make for an episode of Shark Tank?

Daymond John earns around $50,000 per episode for his role on “Shark Tank,” which supplements his income and solidifies his public persona

How much has Daymond John made from his Shark Tank investments?

Daymond John’s total investment in Shark Tank amounts to over $8.5 million. These strategic investments have significantly amplified his net worth, reflecting astute business moves and a high success rate.

Shark Deals


Profitable Deals


Loss Investments


Success Rate

How much does Daymond John make from Bombas?

From individual Shark Tank products like Bombas Daymond John has earned more than $ 17 million.

Is Daymond John from Shark Tank a billionaire?

No, as of 2024, Daymond John is not a billionaire.

Is Daymond John the richest shark?

Although Daymond John is incredibly wealthy, he is not the richest shark. As of 2024, Mark Cuban is the richest shark in shark tank panel. 

Daymond John's Habits and Personal Strengths

Daymond John’s daily regimen includes a mix of disciplined routines and savvy business practices, interspersed with moments of leisure and self-care, cementing his status as a well-rounded individual.

early life & background

Daymond John, born on February 23, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in the Hollis neighborhood of Queens. His early life was marked by both opportunity and challenges. While his Caribbean parents instilled a strong work ethic in him, their divorce when he was 10 presented the first obstacle. 

John began working at a young age, taking on jobs like handing out flyers to contribute to the household income. He attended Catholic school for seven years but later transitioned to a program that allowed him to alternate between full-time work and studies, fostering his entrepreneurial spirit. Despite facing academic struggles, John’s resourcefulness and determination shone through, laying the foundation for his future success.


February 23, 1969


New York City




Heather Taras


Two daughters


Margot and Garfield John




Bayside High School