Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) Is the Societal Underpinning for Truth

Truth, goodness, and beauty are all important: In the ancient Greek tradition, these three fundamental qualities were recognized as the necessary underpinnings for individual satisfaction and broader social prosperity. They also thought that all people were born with inherent abilities corresponding to the values listed above. The logos (reason) provides access to truth, the ethos (morality) allows access to virtue, and the pathos (emotion) provides access to beauty. And before we go ahead in this article, register yourself on the bitcoin trade and learn all the ways to earn bitcoin safely and easily.

I think that every one of us has a strong affinity for one of these three qualities more than the others. Some individuals are naturally drawn to truth, while others are drawn to kindness, others are drawn to beauty. You may conceive of the typical scientist, servant, and artist, each of us is made up of an uneven combination of the three characteristics mentioned above. Even though all three of these qualities are necessary for life to flourish, there is a natural hierarchy among them. Understanding the interdependence implied by this order is possible to guide the appropriate construction of effective human organizations.

When the truth is at the beginning of natural order, it flows into kindness and eventually manifests itself in beauty. When Mahatma Gandhi stated, “Truth is the first thing that must be pursued, and then beauty and kindness will be added unto you,” he was on to something. If this is the case, the greatest and most beautiful civilizations are founded first and foremost based on truth. Because of this, the outcome (*) is more significant and more attractive the more solid the base is. Because societies are essentially a continuous and ever-evolving exchange of value amongst interdependent entities, the medium of such transaction serves as the basis of the whole structure. 

Life is mysterious and unique in many respects, yet it is also apparent and logical in other ways. While the beginnings of life are still a mystery, it is evident that life develops and proliferates following a set of unchangeable universal physical rules that govern all of creation. To put it another way, existence itself is a downstream effect of truth. All of the fundamental principles of nature, including the periodic table, gravity, thermodynamics, and magnetism, work together to provide a stable and predictable matrix upon which complexity may be built. Nothing as sophisticated as an amoeba would exist, much less develop from the ground up if these fundamental facts were not recognized. However, amoebas and humans both evolved, which is a good thing. Because of that, the cosmos is a more exciting place.

The quality of life is excellent! Even if you don’t believe in God or have a soul, there’s a good chance you agree that the world would be dull if there were no life on it. As a result, there is something inexplicably right and profoundly wonderful about preserving and nourishing life in all of its many manifestations. However, not all acts contribute to the continuation of life, and those that do not are often deficient in kindness and disconnected from truth. Evil deeds detract from life’s ever-increasing complexity by reducing it to more basic states of affairs. War is a classic illustration because it is based on the fallacy that every action has equal and opposite responses.

As a result, the overall consequence of conflict is increased poverty for all life on Earth, which is counter to the interests of all parties involved. On the other hand, peace is beneficial because it recognizes the true oneness of all life, which is a wonderful thing. Peace brings with it trust and commerce, specialization, greater complexity, and the blossoming of civilization, among other things. As a result, when good acts are based on truth, they lead to flourishing, another word for beauty. 

To live in a better, more beautiful world, one must first anchor oneself as securely as possible to truth and then tap into the actual deep river of life that exists within all of creation. The quality of life is excellent. Allow yourself to be carried along by the current and done in a jiffy. The reality, on the other hand, is chaotic and confused. Even though there are numerous overlapping currents, most artificial and transitory, the wind of truth is deeper and more powerful than all others. Throughout history, mystics and wise men have discovered and tapped upon this source of power. 

As a result, civilizations founded on truth have proved to be uncommon, fragile, and short-lived since the vast masses of people have frequently been concerned with fundamental necessities, making it difficult for them to achieve this degree of human satisfaction. Wouldn’t it seem to reason that the general horror of today’s society, the inability to accomplish greatness, the acceptance of garbage as art, and the enshrinement of victimization as a virtue are all the result of our collective disconnection from truth and reality? Yes, I think that is the case. The fiat money paradigm that we live in severely impairs the communication and transfer of value between all economic players, and it is dependent on ignorance to continue to exist. 


Bitcoin may be thought of as a universal API for truth. Everyone globally has access to the fact via a standard, global, and unstoppable gateway provided by a worldwide network of servers. While some may dismiss dynamic international consensus as nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet, this dismissal fails to recognize the significant implications that it implies. It is called active because simple, static, global consensus does not provide much value in the real world. We may all agree that the sky is blue, but that does not make it very helpful, much alone the foundation for a flourishing society. It makes no contribution to the unleashing of latent human potential, for example.