Virtual currencies seem to be virtually unstoppable. That’s because they became popular over the past couple of years and don’t show any signs of stopping when it comes to evolving the world of finance. That’s why so many people are looking to get into crypto trading.

The profit potential is usually the main reason why people do this. But there are other features that make these virtual currencies beneficial. Anonymity and security are 2 features that users enjoy and value greatly. The fact that the currencies are decentralized is also greatly appreciated and makes the users the sole owners of their assets.

But to reap these benefits you’ll need to become a user, and for the profit potential, you’ll need to learn how to trade these virtual currencies. It’s up to you if you want to go for one crypto or several, the important thing is to learn the skills needed to trade.

To do this you can always go for one of the many trading simulators provided by the gaming industry. They offer various virtual currencies and elements of crypto trading. So, if you don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions:

Spark Profit

Spark Profit is one of the rare simulators that will teach you how to predict the value of several popular cryptocurrencies. The ones included are Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Your job as a player is to determine if their value goes up or down. The correct predictions will give you points while the wrong ones will deduct points. But you don’t need to learn this complex skill if you don’t want to. That’s because you can always go for an alternative solution to trading by yourself and this is picking a trading platform like

As this is a trading platform, you’ll need to provide it with input so it can work properly. You’ll also need to adjust the settings before you let it trade for you. So, making an account is a step you need to do if you want to operate with this platform. As you’ll need money to trade with, your budget will start with a small deposit. Then it’s off to the tutorials so you can learn how the settings work and how to adjust them. You can apply your skills to the demo account. Then you’ll go live and afterward be able to enjoy the perks of the platform.

Bitcoin Hero

Although it has Bitcoin in its title, it’s not the only hero in this app. In other words, Bitcoin is accompanied by Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum on the virtual market. Bitcoin Hero is easy enough to understand as it focuses on the buying and selling aspects of crypto trading. The instructions are simple enough and you can play with your skills on the virtual market and make mistakes as you learn how to buy and sell assets. You can specialize in trading one crypto or go for a couple or all of the ones the app offers.

Altcoin Fantasy

This is a game that offers multiple contests for you to test your skills. The first prize is a specific amount of any virtual currency the player prefers. The skills that Altcoin Fantasy teaches are analyzing the market as well as buying and selling assets and you can practice them with several popular virtual currencies.


When you have the right set of skills all you need to do is take care of the other aspects. This means going over the multiple virtual currencies available online and picking one out. You’ll also need to keep an eye out on its value, get the right wallet and stick to a legal and secure exchange.

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