Crypto Recovery is Possible with this Blockchain Investor’s Master Plan

Yat Siu is the head of Animoca Brands. It is headquartered in Hong Kong. His company desires that people have ownership over their digital properties. He adds that companies, such as Microsoft, Meta Platforms, etc., were quantum ai.. Animoca Brands would love to break up these dictatorships!

Animoca Brands is Highly Reputed

The cryptocurrency world considers it to be a leader in several areas. They include gamification, entertainment, and blockchain. Currently, it is striving to advance digital property rights. This way, it will be able to offer something towards the setting up of the open metaverse. 

Animoca Brands has already acquired plenty of fame. It is a winner in the Technology Fast program, sponsored by Deloitte. This program is responsible for recognizing, as well as, profiling the fastest-growing companies. They include private and public establishments, dealing in technological advancements. These companies are spread across Central Europe.

Similarly, it has found a healthy rank in the list compiled by the Financial Times. The list displays High Growth Companies, Asia-Pacific region, for 2021. It is because of the company’s versatility. 

It develops an array of products, which it offers to an eager public. The products include original games (examples – Crazy Kings, The Sandbox), the SAND token, the REVV token, and products that are linked to intellectual properties (examples – The Walking Dead, Disney, Power Rangers). 

The establishment has multiple subsidiaries, too. They include Quidd, Notre Game, etc. Similarly, the company portfolio is also displaying progress. It boasts of 340+ investments. Some examples, are Dapper Labs, Colossal, OpenSea, etc. 

The Steady Progress of Animoca Brands’ Portfolio

Recently, Animoca Brands engaged in a round of fundraising. It has attracted comments from everywhere in the cryptocurrency sector. However, Yat Siu is extremely grateful to investors, for having kept their faith in the company. The gratitude is fervent, since there is an ongoing crypto winter in evidence.

This kind of encouragement has prompted Animoca Brands to offer its services across the digital currency ecosystem. Its portfolio encompasses 150+ NFT-related projects. These projects, include Dapper Labs, OpenSea, Sandbox, Axie Infinity, etc. 

The firm is keen to go public over the next couple of years, or so. However, everything is dependent upon how soon, and in what form, the cryptocurrency recovery will occur. 

Nonetheless, Animoca Brands has its own plans. After all, it is amongst Asia’s largest investors, as far as blockchain technologies is concerned. The company is putting together a huge portfolio. The portfolio consists of social media, finance, and gaming companies. It hopes to offer a challenge to empires that are already well established.

The Timing of Yat Siu’s Strategy

His strategy has come into being, in response to what happened during the 2018 crypto crash. Then, he had converted his small studio offering video games, into an investor in digital currencies. In other words, the studio had become a start-up, and had bought a stake. 

The stake was the owner of a Pokémon-like game, CryptoKitties. The game revolved round virtual cats. Players could purchase or sell these cats, via digital payments. The initial success prompted Yat Siu to keep purchasing. 

It is four years, since the start-up came into being. Today, Animoca Brands is one of the digital currency world’s biggest players. Its list of investors, includes George Soros, Sequoia Capital, etc. The firm boasts of a flagship backing. It is in the form of Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese gaming company. Sky Mavis is responsible for the launching of Axie Infinity, a blockchain video game.

Siu believes that this is the right time for companies to deploy greater capital, and not lesser. After all, the game economy has made rapid progress in the past, and is doing so, currently, too. It is all due to the popularity garnered by digital collectibles. In turn, wealthy gamers are arriving at the platform. 

Details about the performances of diverse cryptocurrencies, are available on Bitcoin smart. It is a highly useful platform for investing and trading. However, an intelligent investor will look at media reports too, for up-to-date information.

To illustrate, HSBC and KPMG have been conducting certain studies. Their report narrows down upon a few Web3 firms in the Asia-Pacific region. These firms are probably destined to become blockchain unicorns, over the next 10 years.