TOWERBANK first bank in Latin America to be crypto-friendly

A popular top 30 banks in Latin America is called Towerbank. It announced services that are Bitcoin-friendly at one event. Chamber of Digital Commerce and Blockchain of Panama hosted the event. The announcement of Towerbank is official. It arrived at Panama’s crypto excitement’ historic time. This bank is motivating customers in signing up for an account that is Bitcoin-friendly. It comes with simple document needs for accessing the latest functionality. Customers only need to give the wallet address that they wish to use.Anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies and earn a fortune with user friendly crypto trading platform. price of Bitcoin They must inform the banks in case their address changes

The current scenario

  • A video was released by the Instagram account of Blockchain Space. 
  • It showed that the product vice president of Towerbank named Gabriel Campa explained that the institution is becoming aware of Bitcoin along with other cryptos.
  • Further, he explained that they have hope of getting something very soon. 
  • It can be offered to their customers. 
  • He referred to offerings of products for products that are Bitcoin-based.
  • Towerbank is getting ready to address the issues of the community of crypto.
  • As indicated by a new report by Cointelegraph, Towerbank, a main 30 Panamanian monetary foundation with more than 200 workers, is taking actions to turn out to be essential for the crypto community and give its very best for meeting all needs.
  • At one blockchain meetup in Panama City on 26th May, the participants were informed that crypto lovers finally were having one bank that was prepared to address their issues.
  • For example, having the option to send or receive funds to or from cryptocurrency exchanges unafraid.
  • Thus they would not need to feel like lawbreakers for putting resources into crypto.
  • Gabriel Campa said that they wish to become a part of the crypto community. They will build together a service platform. This will be done for satisfying all opportunities that will arise from all their present requirements, pains or priorities.
  • Within the next 3 months, as they implement the needed infrastructure, they will add extra services to their account that is crypto-friendly. 
  • On 2nd June, the bank conveyed a tweet.
  • It said that the bank’s new account that is crypto-friendly will permit customers to set aside deposits from their crypto sales.
  • It is also for making payments for the crypto purchase.
  • On 4th June, Towerbank delivered a video in which Campa gives more insights concerning the account that is crypto-friendly.
  • The report of Coin telegraph additionally referenced that crypto-related exchanges at Towerbank are restricted to $5,000 each month.
  • It also mentioned that the bank will never offer direct crypto to crypto administrations right now.
  • Campa expressed the need to work with their customers and understand what they can do to assist them with being important to their new world.
  • The interaction for Towerbank’s customers hoping to start their excursion into Bitcoin is straightforward.
  • This was indicated by Campa. 
  • At this point when asked what documentation customers will have to give to open an account that is Bitcoin-friendly, he answered a few things.
  • Customers should just present some requirements.
  • These are name, passport or ID card or, phone number, email, action in which they are well engaged, workplace, month-to-month pay, and residence place.
  • Campa likewise explained that those customers expecting to utilize these administrations will be expected to give the location they need to use for Bitcoin sale and possession. 
  • At the point when customers will receive funds because of the crypto sale, they want to know the location of the crypto wallet with which the exchange was made. 
  • Thus, if you just have one location, you should let them know about it at the time of opening your account.
  • Suppose if you change your location, you should also inform them.
  • This was explained by Campa.


Towerbank is acting as a pioneer. Soon another financial institute will start to enhance ways of facilitating transactions for crypto users. Now the total number of people wishing to transact with crypto increased in Panama. Many reports are suggesting few things. It is that Towerbank will never offer any direct optionality from Bitcoin-Bitcoin initially. But Towerbank retweeted a little information. It suggested that the institution will work to provide it later.