Technology and Trading Crypto and Digital, Fintech and Digital Currencies, All Making Modern Money Move

Technology and Trading: Crypto and Digital,  Fintech and Digital Currencies, All Making Modern Money Move

When I was young, and that is a few decades ago now, cash was, by and large, the most used form of payment, bar none. Moreover, the next most common was a check from your regularly-provided bank check book (young people can look that up if they don’t know what a cheque looks like) and for a gilded few, the credit card, your flexible plastic friend was occasionally brandished. We have come a long way, and the world of modern money looks very different now.


One of the main reasons payments, transactions, and financial landscapes have changed is the birth, emergence, and now ubiquity of technology in our daily lives. At first, the dawn of computer technology was a corporate concern, used at work. This is also true of digital devices and mobile tech. Then, technology came to the masses for so much more than work – it came for leisure. Many industries have benefited from this. A classic example is the way in which the brick-and-mortar casino experience was taken online. This has been commercially important for casino operators, and hugely beneficial for players too. Whether it is an established Vegas casino that took its brand online, or new creators who made a poker app, the industry has thrived. So, as this evidence shows, technology has been truly transformative. From booking holidays to streaming videos, creating social media posts to playing bitcoin blackjack and so much more, tech is everywhere.

Technology has, in its own way, and in tandem with other things, made modern money what it is today. But what are the technological advances that have taken us from a cash-driven society to a digital transaction-based world? What has the global tech market done to bring us to a point where more digital and online payments are now made each day than cash transactions? Well, it is not a one-sentence answer, so let us take a look at a few of the most relevant reasons for this modern money makeover.

Convenience Meets Technology, as Consumer Behaviour Changes Forever

Many things have changed our global world. From time itself, to the way we live, the way we work, the possibilities of global business, and the way societies naturally evolve. It is hard to deny that one of the most significant changes in the world has been in the financial realm. Whether you want to call in Fintech or simply digital transactions, consumers and businesses have harnessed technology to change the way money matters are now dealt with. Whether it is paying for coffee with a contactless card, using our phone wallets to secure a concert ticket, or using our tablets to trade on the stock market, there is a common theme emerging: convenience.

Put another way, technology has made spending, and perhaps even making money more convenient, easier, more user-friendly, and more streamlined. Now, we all love things to be convenient in life; it saves time and eliminates undue stress from situations. With technology, however, money, payments, and transactions are more than just convenient: they are quick, easy, reliable and, barring unusual issues, safe. Take a look at any tech website articles; you will soon see that it is rare to find one that doesn’t reference digital currencies, Bitcoin, new innovations in tech-utilizing transactions, or the next new device on which such money transfers can be made.

When you consider all this, it is easy to join the dots and make a clear assertion: technology has changed our financial behavior and, in return, our behavior and interactions with technology as a whole have helped drive this. It is, perhaps to some, a chicken and egg debate: has our love of convenience created the market for Fintech, or has the financial technology capability we all now have created our demand for even greater fiscal convenience? It’s up to you to decide on that one, but it is a curious question.

Crypto And Digital Driving Financial Technology Even Higher

With the exponential rise of electronic payments, it should come as no surprise to anyone that cryptocurrencies are enjoying something of a resurgence. They do, admittedly, have a roller-coaster history of varying vicissitudes, but they now seem to be experiencing a renaissance. In fact, they are becoming more mainstream: from Bitcoin to Ethereum, they are more used and more widely accepted than ever before. In addition, many world governments are now, quite seriously, talking up the idea of central bank digital currencies.

When it gets to that level, you know the technology will be far in advance of where we, as consumers, even know it to be. To many, the future of finance is already set in stone, and it will be digital, devices, electronic, and virtual. Many argue that the future of finance lies in digital currencies, and that technology has already risen to a point where this is imminently achievable. I tend to agree with this assertion, and would argue that crypto and digital currencies are close to being fully mainstream, if not in the immediate future, then perhaps the midterm one.

By way of conclusion, I think it is fair to say that technology, in all its forms, from software to hardware, has revolutionized the world of local, domestic, global, and corporate finance. Perhaps it has done this in ways I could never have envisaged or imagined in my youth, but even so, I am an early adopter of anything that allows me to use technology to my advantage, especially on a daily basis. From paying for my morning coffee with a swipe to booking a flight on my smartphone, paying bills from my tablet to trading stocks on my laptop, I love technology and when it comes to modern money, it has changed everything.

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