“Creative Blok” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Creative Blok” got featured on Shark Tank USA on 2009 September. It was founded by Irena Blok.

Here is an update on Creative Blok’s net worth so far.

Creative Blok’s Networth before appearing on Shark Tank166,667 USD (implied valuation)
Creative Blok’s Networth [year between appearing and now]2012Out of Business
Creative Blok’s Current Networth (2022) 3 Million USD 

Creative Blok’s founder Irena Blok has a net worth of 3 Million USD as of 2022

Special Remarks:  Irina Block stopped her business after 2009 without any deals, but the demand for face masks increased when the Kovid epidemic began. So she took the opportunity to start her own business and she became very successful.

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