Creating for the Booming Educator Economy of India with Kohbee App

The pandemic has boosted the creators’ economy, which has been developing gradually for decades. The creator economy has surged in recent years, with more people creating content than ever before. Creators of unique material can now effectively monetize their skills in this game-changing online ecosystem. 

Kohbee was founded by Indian entrepreneurs Rohan Sinha, Shashwat Aditya, and Siddharth Chauhan to help such innovators. They decided to create a user-friendly application that would allow anyone to create and teach course courses at the touch of a button, removing all barriers for people who wanted to learn outside of a typical classroom setting. Their concept is truly creative as they try to redefine content generation and learning in India.

“60 percent of these creator-educators do not have access to a laptop. We wanted to solve this problem for the education industry which is why Kohbee is the first mobile based SAAS platform for this market providing everything in one place. Other platforms are providing the same services for 3 times the amount and the user requires a laptop/PC .The way we have built Kohbee can be considered as a ‘Done for You’ solution as opposed to other  ‘Do It Yourself’ solutions out there which allows aspiring creator-educators to dream big.”- Rohan Sinha, Co-founder

The world is about to get a new generation of creator-educators, and now is the moment to take advantage of it. This type of creative energy will be in even more demand in the coming years than in past years.

The creator economic market is booming, and those who join gain a slew of benefits. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. There has never been a better moment to start making money online by creating content.

Creators in India’s contemporary economy may now get their work discovered by a broader audience, while the commercial parts of their endeavours can be quickly and efficiently managed, thanks to platforms like Kohbee.

Kohbee makes life easy for teachers. Anyone interested in teaching will find it simple to get started with this instructive tool. No matter where you are, you have access to tools and technology. All thanks to a dedicated team of excellent engineers who painstakingly designed tools to make teachers’ life easier. They are fully aware of the difficulties that teachers face on a daily basis as more and more courses go to the internet. The Kohbee team is willing to help creator-educators in every manner possible.

“The number of creators on YouTube has grown from 20 million to 47 million globally during the pandemic and this will only go up, 40% of these creators are in the domain of education which puts the number of creator-educators at roughly 20 million globally, with an estimated 6 million creator-educators in India. The most common source of revenue for such educators is 1:1 coaching and pre-recorded courses and hence the need for a platform like Kohbee arises to help these creator-educators monetize their content efficiently.” Siddharth Chauhan, Co-founder

The number of localised short video apps is expected to rise this year. As a result of the emergence of various content-intensive apps, many artists will undergo a paradigm change in their content consumption. More people will employ NFT in 2022 to aid the global creative environment. A big number of customers from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will gather to watch brief video content.

By appropriately branding local businesses through online educational apps, content creators may help them reach as many people as possible. Larger social media businesses will upgrade user interfaces to encourage content consumption. Teachers and influencers can use web apps to diversify and increase their portfolios.

As previously stated, Kohbee is a harbinger of hope and assistance in a burgeoning creator economy. Thus, download Kohbee right now to give your dreams wings.