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Creating a Name for Your Artistic Business and Online Store

Creating an artistic business and online store from home is a viable avenue that can utilize your talents and create income while saving on the overhead of a brick and mortar. You can choose to sell your creations through an online store from the comforts of your home studio, but how you get your name out and become memorable to your target audience is just as important as the art you create.

Step One

The first step is to get your business name established. By utilizing the technological tools of a business name generator such as Namify, you will alleviate the hassle of creating a name only to find it is already being used. The name generator will prompt you on selecting keywords that are connected to your specific industry and target audience that will tell who you are and what you do. Your business name should stay around two words so that it is easily remembered. This technological tool will guide you in the search for meaningful words that will resonate with your client base and set you apart from your competition. As an artist, using your own name is a powerful means of branding. 

Step Two

Getting your business name into your landing page is key to making your company’s website easily remembered and searchable. Even if your potential customer only remembers a part of the company name, it can be pulled up in a general search. Another advantage to using Namify’s business name generator is the new unique extensions that ensure your business name has more availability to fit into your domain. These extensions will also tell more of your story, such as .online, .uno, .store, and .tech. Now you have a catchy two-word name with an extension that hints to your industry.

Step Three

Namify offers complimentary logo services and gives you a selection of professional logos to choose from. It must be memorable, timeless, and relevant and grab your audience’s attention. As a home business, your logo will be present online and should create an atmosphere on your website. Select appropriate colors and styles that tell your story and what you do. If you are an artist and are more whimsical, then your colors can be more playful and bright and your logo animated. As a sculptor, you might choose neutral colors with an image of a sculpted art piece. You may also use your own facial image and brand yourself as the artist to create recognition and awareness.

To create more than just an online presence, utilize both name and logo on material items for marketing and promotion. A car magnet, spare tire cover, t-shirts, hats, koozies, recyclable shopping totes, and your business card are all items that can be created for marketing or given away for promotion. Thinking ahead of how you can utilize these images can create business growth opportunities beyond your studio.

Take time to seriously consider your business name and logo to set you up for successful brand recognition and growth. Getting professional guidance can keep you on course and create a quicker pathway to building your artistic business.