Cost Of New Technology in Surveying

In the construction department, land surveying holds great importance due to the significance of its role. Technological advancements are saving time and energy in almost every department, and it is now also improving land surveying processes as well. It was only a couple of decades ago when architects and surveyors still used normal measuring tapes to measure the length of the land. However, technology has optimized the surveying process and introduced a great amount of ease in the engineer’s workflows.

What is Land Surveying?

As the name suggests, the process of land surveying involves professionals who are trained to understand the properties of land. These professionals are experienced enough to explain to you the boundaries of your land. In the early stages of the construction of any building (private or commercial), non-technical people are always worried about utilizing their entire piece of land.

Since the non-technical people do not have enough information to validate their reservations, they rely on the architects and engineers involved in the construction process. They then become more aware of the boundaries of their land and have much more valuable insight on how the building should be constructed.

How is New Technology Helping Infrastructure Projects Stay On Budget?

Gone are the days when construction managers had to juggle a large number of employees for menial tasks. With the widespread use of technology, they have effectively managed to lower the costs by cutting on labor costs and purchasing useful machinery that optimizes the land surveying process.

  • 3D Laser Scanning

In today’s modern era, where technology has become extremely advanced, people are always looking to improve the efficiency of their work. This can be done by utilizing the undeniable prowess of technology and integrating it into our routine tasks to ensure our work efficiency notices a considerable increase.

In the field of land surveying, the use of theodolites and electronic distance measuring tools has been around for a long time. However, considering the current prowess of technology, these methods feel outdated due to their level of efficiency. This is where the use of 3D laser scanning technology comes into play.

In a process where an electronic distance measuring tool fires a single laser beam to measure a distance, the 3D laser scanning technology fires approximately 50,000 beams to construct a 3D model. This extreme level of efficiency allows the technology to be used for the construction of both interior and exterior elements of a building to provide a proof of concept to the customer.

  • Electronic Distance Measuring Tools

Before the introduction of specialized electronic tools, land surveyors were known to use a variety of manual tools that consumed several hours to identify the condition of the land and its overall length.

However, with the introduction of different types of electronic distance measuring tools, engineers felt a considerable change in their working style. In today’s day and age, as per the guidance of Ray Carlson Land Surveyor and several other types of land surveyors, we can clearly understand the importance of utilizing technology to our advantage. This will only improve the efficiency of engineers tirelessly working on-site, bringing convenience and speed into their heavy workflow. Moreover, it’s a proven pattern; the introduction of technology always simplifies workflow in almost any industry.

According to experienced engineers, electronic distance measuring tools are used to measure the land due to the following reasons:

  • High accuracy,
  • Length can be measured by a single person (cutting labor cost, effectively),
  • Saves time with instant results.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drone technology has been around for a while, but it hasn’t been used in surveying until now. However, with the installation of powerful lightweight lithium polymer batteries that allow the drones to operate for longer periods, this low-cost technology can come in handy. It can become a potential replacement for the land surveying process.

Benefits of Land Surveying

Land surveying has always been of foundational importance, and its significance will only increase as we continue living on this planet. Considering the role of land surveying in the construction process, it is fairly simple to predict that the importance of land surveying is unwavering and with the help of technology, the process should only improve, ensuring the measurements and general reports get much more accurate.

While managing the construction of their buildings, some uninformed people give weight to the engineers when it comes to the necessity of this additional yet integral step; however, a huge portion of customers often find this process unnecessary. For this reason, we have laid down some of the most common benefits of getting your land surveyed before the initiation of construction.

  • Dividing Properties

When a large piece of land is subdivided into segments owned by multiple owners, there are no visible boundaries. This develops a significant issue, as you can’t just claim another person’s property.

Besides, the law suggests that any unlawful building on any piece of land can be decimated without further questioning. This is why it is only practical to utilize the help of land surveyors to be sure about the measurements of your land.

  • Preparing for Construction

The role of land surveyors is often depicted as extra by many uninformed individuals. However, they help optimize construction placements and preparations to ensure that the work can begin and end without any issues. Since architects are only supposed to follow a plan without having to provide any extra advice or expertise, land surveyors help construct the plan needed to safely initiate construction.

  • Understanding Topography

The role of land surveyors isn’t limited to the pre-construction time only, though. When people plan to buy a specific piece of land, land surveyors come in handy as they explain the topographical details of the land.

In case of any soil and structural issues, the engineers will inform the buyer to be cautious as some complications might arise. This can effectively prevent any potential future disasters.

Land surveying has been an important aspect of the construction industry for a long time. It is impossible to initiate the construction of any building without proper analysis of the building’s overall area. For this reason, new engineers and construction site managers are willing to spend heavily on machinery that can effectively improve the efficiency of their work. This helps them construct buildings on accurate data and avoid the risk of any miscalculated measurements.