Complete list of top CS: GO Esports tournaments in 2023

GO Esports tournaments in 2023

LEON x TEAMPLAY Season 1 is one of the most upcoming cs go tournaments. The event will take place this summer. In counter strike tournament right now sixteen teams will compete for a prize fund of 11,000 USD. Cs go tournaments are waiting for not only fans of the game but also fans of entertainment. Paris Major

One of the biggest cs go tournaments. The contest is in the major category, the official international tournament. The major brings together the best teams in the world who have qualified for tourneys. Every year in Paris is organized by the developer Valve Corporation – BLAST Pro Series. It is worth noting that Paris Major was not held in 2022. BLAST Pro Series announced its closure in March 2022. Instead, ESL Gaming replaced the BLAST Pro Series with a new system. BLAST Premier began in May 2022. Team Heroic is the winner of the fall finals in 2022. Through hard-fought competition, Heroic secured a spot in the World Finals!

The Paris Major features the best teams in the world that have qualified for the elimination matches. They play for a prize fund of 1 000 000 USD.

One of the features of Paris Major are innovations in the format of the tournament. The biggest counter strike tournament allows viewers to see more dynamic and spectacular matches. The event takes place on professional stages. Here the classic mode esports cs go tournaments replace the fast, interesting, and more dynamic format. Paris Major is one of the most impressive cs go tournaments in the world of esports. It is gaining a lot of popularity among fans of the game.

IEM Cologne 2023

Another large and prestigious tournament among csgo events. IEM is held annually in the German city of Cologne. The tournament is part of the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) series hosted by ESL Gaming.

IEM Cologne brings together the best teams in the world to compete for the prize money. The prize can reach several 1 000 000 USD. The event combines a tournament sheet with group and playoff rounds. Participants fight for the championship in best-of-three mode.

This csgo event is one of the most important tournaments in the CS:GO calendar. It attracts a huge number of spectators from all over the world. If you were able to break through and engage in the upcoming csgo tournaments. This is a great chance to prove your importance. Spectators are waiting for interesting battles and esports matches of the highest quality.

IEM Cologne is one of the most prestigious cs go tournaments in the world. Due to its scale and importance, the matches attract the best players and teams. So stay tuned and don’t miss cs go upcoming tournaments

In the final of IEM Cologne 2021, the team’s Gambit Esports and met. Gambit Esports got an extra victory with a score of 3-1 in a best-of-5 format. Both teams showed a very high level of play, but Gambit Esports was a bit stronger in the decisive moments. 

Gambit Esports was awarded a $400,000 prize for their winning at IEM Cologne 2021, while took home a $180,000 prize for finishing second in the tournament.

The match was a high-class affair. Many fans revisit all cs go tournaments and find many cool moments. This csgo event is worth exploring again, especially if you play CS:GO yourself.

BLAST Premier World Finals

BLAST Premier World Finals is one of the cs go tournaments with a prize pool of up to $1,000,000. The tournament is organized by BLAST Premier World Finals. Finals matches are held at the end of the year and are in the spotlight of the esports community. Typically there are eight teams in the tournament. Many players were awarded based on the results of other tournaments, as well as invitations from the organizers.

BLAST Premier World Finals feature in the format of the matches. The competition is held in a two-win system. Each team must win two battles out of three. In addition, there is also a BLAST Bounty Hunt during the tournament, where participants can receive additional prizes for defeating specific teams or players.

The last BLAST Premier World Finals was held in December 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal. In the final of the tournament, the teams G2 Esports and Natus Vincere met. 

In the final meeting, Team Natus Vincere won the tournament with a confident 2-0 victory, becoming the winner of BLAST Premier World Finals 2021.

For this victory, Team Na’Vi earned $425,000 and won its first BLAST Premier World Finals tournament. And Denis Sharipov of Natus Vincere won the Most Valuable Tournament title.

Skyesports Masters CS:GO League

Skyesports Masters CS:GO League is on the list of cs go tournaments.

 We’re opening up the world of esports in India. Skyesports Masters CS:GO League is an annual csgo pro tournament. It is organized by Sky Esports, one of the largest gamers players organizations in India. Cs:go tournaments online brings together the best players from South Asia. Usually, the prize pool for Skyesports Masters CS:GO League is smaller than the other major cs go upcoming tournaments. Usually, it does not exceed $70,000. However, each season the prize pool may be different, depending on the contracts and other factors. 

Teams were divided into two groups, where the matches were held on a double-elimination system. After that, four teams advanced to the playoffs. In the final phase, the players met under the standard scheme of the tournament single-elimination. The winner of the tournament was the team Enigma Gaming. They defeated the Global Esports team 3-1 in the finals.

Skyesports Masters CS:GO League is an important step in the development of esports in India and Asia in general. These cs go online tournaments free and allow teams from this region to compete at the international level. India has become more active in the esports movement in recent years. Skyesports Masters is one of the major initiatives in this direction. The support of the Indian government and entrepreneurs in the development of the esports industry is very encouraging. Cs go upcoming tournaments are expected to be even more interesting. 

See you at the best csgo event matches. 

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