A Complete Guide to Starting Your ASMR YouTube Channel

A Complete Guide to Starting Your ASMR YouTube Channel

‘How do I start an ASMR channel?’ ever crossed your mind? Or do you doubt whether it is worth starting an ASMR channel? The answer is a big YES. 

Starting one’s own YouTube channel is quite easier. But do you wish for bigger growth and quick monetization? Then you need to choose a good niche. To achieve this, starting an ASMR YouTube channel has been a promising trend. Here’s a complete guide on how to start your ASMR YouTube channel.

Key Takeaways 

  • The worldwide search volume of ‘ASMR’ is even higher than that of chocolate. Get the maximum use of this opportunity. 
  • Choosing an ASMR niche that you love the most. That will help you to make better content. 
  • Get the use of microphones like Blue Yeti and use professional editing tools. 
  • Optimize your YouTube channel for search engines in all aspects. 
  • Follow ASMR YouTube giants like SAS-ASMR and stay updated with the trends. 
  • Maintain your consistency if you want to reap bigger results.  

What are ASMR videos? 

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR is the sensation felt by humans when they hear or watch certain things. In ASMR videos, we stimulate and create such feelings in our viewers. So why do many people watch ASMR videos? What are their benefits

Well, research has found ASMR videos can help people in many ways. They help in coping with anxiety, stress, and even sleeping problems. Due to that, ASMR videos generate huge traffic worldwide, especially on platforms like YouTube.  

ASMR Success on YouTube

According to Statistica, YouTube attracts over 2.1 billion monthly users. Ever wondered what portion of this number you could attract with ASMR videos? Google itself claimed certain amazing and hopeful ASMR facts on YouTube:

  • The worldwide search volume of ‘ASMR’ is even higher than ‘chocolate’, according to Google Trends
  • Top ASMR videos can gain more than 16 million views. 
  • ‘ASMR search rate on YouTube increases year by year (200% in 2015). 

We’ve got trends such as short-form videos to focus on. YouTube allocated $100 million to reward the creators of the most viewed and engaged shorts in 2021 and 2022. 

Being sure about the success, let’s step into the idea-generating stage. 

ASMR YouTube channel ideas 

To start, here are some great content ideas. You may choose either one type from this list or do a mix of contents based on the resources you have. 

  • ASMR related to touch – sounds such as tapping, scratching, crinkling, and moving fingers or nails in the microphone 
  • Food ASMR – ASMR on cooking, eating, crunching, chewing, slurping 
  • ASMR makeup – makeup and skincare activities with relevant tools 
  • ASMR mouth sounds – whispering

How to set up my ASMR YouTube channel 

We recommend you start a separate channel for the ASMR project instead of your channel. Simply follow the Google guidelines on how to set up a YouTube channel.  

Tools and equipment needed to start an ASMR channel 

One can even start making videos with the available microphones and cameras. Apart from them, what microphones do ASMRists use? Below is a few suggested pieces of equipment to produce a better output. 

  • Blue Yeti Zoom H4N

Your viewers will love audio with no background noises. Recording in a silent or soundproof room is a great hack for that. 

These are some popular ASMR video editing tools you can try: 

Pro tip – Record ASMR audio in WAV format instead of the MP3 format, for better quality. 

How to optimize my ASMR YouTube channel

First, having a suitable name for your channel is important. Consider including the term ‘ASMR’ in the title. This will help to attract the right audience. It will also help search engines to identify your content. Next, optimize channel descriptions, video descriptions, and meta tag sections with relevant keywords. Using a YouTube optimization tool like VidIQ would be efficient. 

Also, use free tools such as Canva to create eye-catching thumbnails. 

How to grow my ASMR YouTube channel

Here are 3 simple ways to grow your new ASMR YouTube channel: 

  1. Consistency – Upload videos on a constant schedule is the key to growth. Whether it’s 4 videos per month or 8 videos per month, have a regular gap in between. It helps the algorithm to reach your channel higher. 
  2. Community engagements – Constantly put heart reactions and reply to viewers’ comments. Also, use the community tab to publish posts and polls. Polls will help you figure out what videos viewers like most. 
  3. Collaborations – They can increase traffic for both you and the collaborators. Feature other ASMRists in your videos. Conduct small contests and reward your viewers. 

What are the things I can’t publish on my ASMR YouTube channel?

As an ASMR YouTuber, ensure your content doesn’t violate YouTube Community Guidelines

For instance, you do not include violent acts with humans or animals in your videos. Make sure the ASMR eating videos are watchable and not disgusting. Posting nudity or sexual content will lead to the termination of the channel. Or, YouTube will disable monetization for those types of content. 

“Work smart. Get things done. No nonsense. Move fast.”

Susan Wojcicki (CEO of YouTube)

Inspiring ASMR Youtubers to follow 

Seeing the growth of ASMR YouTube stars will keep you motivated. This list brings out some of the top ASMR YouTubers and their current YouTube stats: 


This complete guide explains how to start your ASMR YouTube channel. The first step is getting a proper idea about ASMR and its niches. Choose your niche and set up the channel up to the guidelines. Then use the right tools and strategies to grow the channel. With motivation and consistency, you will reap great results! 

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Written by MSM Riham

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