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Comparing Email Deliver Rate Test Services: Do They All Do The Same Thing?

It’s time to stop using a dozen programs to test email deliver rate! Meet the one having every tool for perfect email marketing deliverability testing.


Is email marketing deliverability tested by all services in the same way?

 Considering the fact that the key to a successful b2b campaign is the number of leads you have, email marketing deliverability is crucial. The more potential customers open mail sent from a b2b company and consider the offer inside, the larger the number of this company’s clients gets. However, deliverability has to be taken care of all the time. There’s plenty of software able to carry out email deliver rate analysis but often deliverability testers tend to lack functions which others have. What does it lead to?

-no convenient work through having to use numerous programs;

-work getting too time consuming.

However, it’s not the situation with Folderly’s email deliverability checker which unites all necessary b2b tools within one app.

Let’s analyze how Folderly’s email marketing deliverability tester works

Folderly’s software has always been the icon of power and convenience and so it remains.  For those who isn’t aware of what Folderly is, it’s a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins. The latter has been providing b2b lead generation services and helping b2b projects to get business leads and direct prospect into the sales funnel for many years.

Folderly’s deliverability testing platform is the tool which helps users to significantly increase their e-letter deliver rate. In fact, 98% email marketing deliverability increase is what to expect here. The service provides b2b salesmen with all the most necessary info like how spam filters react to cold mailing, sender score, email domain blacklist analyzing etc. So, what are the exact features of Folderly’s software you can enjoy?

Perform domain health assessment to achieve deliverability improvement

The better your domain’s health is the higher email deliverability can be. How are they connected? Letters sent from trustworthy domains have no problem landing in potential customers’ inboxes. The delivery rate testing service from Folderly doesn’t let its users forget about having to take care of their domains’ good names. The platform carries out the complex check of a domain’s main characteristics. The latter is synchronizing with every cold marketing tool plus each mail box’s individual parameters. Also, enjoy getting actionable tips of what actions to perform to let b2b mail of yours have no obstacles on their way to prospects’ mail boxes.

Test all of your mailboxes for deliverability rate

With our powerful platform it isn’t difficult to keep an eye on all of the inboxes at once. Besides, there’s no need to be afraid that in this case one inbox may be checked better than another. No matter how many mail boxes a user owns, they all will be tested and protected with the help of Folderly’s spam prevention plugin. Integrating email accounts and tools of yours with Folderly will allow achieving even better results. Thanks to that our experts will be able to provide you with actionable suggestions on how to immensely increase deliverability and help to get more business leads for you.

Have your deliverability rate guarded with Folderly’s anti-spam

Not only an ability to solve issues quickly is important in b2b.  Once a decent delivery rate is achieved, it has to be kept at this level of excellence. A user’s sender score, IP address and domain cleanness are things to be kept an eye on all the time. Folderly’s numerous anti-spam bots are ready to help our clients protect those and other vital things from spam that may harm users’ sender reputation.

An account registered in Folderly is a way to being able to:

-deeply analyze the reputation of clients’ domains;

-prevent spam from landing in their inboxes;

-thoroughly analyze their IPs and instantly be notified if an IP is on a blacklist etc.

Several more tools for increasing email marketing deliverability

One of the things that define the level of a user’s experience is how many useful tools are there in his arsenal. Further are some extra online services able to help eliminate as many issues as possible.

-Mail-Tester is an excellent sender score investigator capable of deep scanning to see if your domain has been put on any black-list.

-Neverbounce is a spam checking app helping to reveal invalid addresses among your contacts and thus increase the purity of your domain and IP.

-Branch helps when a user is going to attach a link to an email but doesn’t want the link to prove untrustworthy. With Branch one can make up perfectly safe links on the basis of his domain name.

Eager to understand the principles of email marketing deliverability test apps’ better?

Hopefully, this review has shown you how many advantages being Folderly’s client has. Why not sum them up in conclusion?

-being provided with powerful tools able of thoroughly analyzing b2b infrastructure of any size;

-constant being aware of any issues harming your sender reputation;

-getting actionable tips from Folderly’s large team of experts;

-valuable pieces of advice and support in enlarging your b2b business and making cold campaigns more effective.

On the whole, Forderly is there for you and your business; surely, you yourself shouldn’t forget to constantly monitor the situation with deliverability and eliminate problems found with the help of Folderly’s software at once.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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