Colorful Productivity: 7 Houseplants to Beautify Your Home Office

Indoor plants enhance the aesthetic appeal in any room. Having them in your home office is definitely one of the ways to improve the look of the room. Besides this, plants boost our moods, which can be a good inspiration for improved productivity. However, before making your choice, it is important to consider the plants’ lighting needs and the level of maintenance required. Being a working environment, you had better stick to plants that require little care from you. That being said, here are 7 plants that you can consider for your home office you can even Buy plants online.

1.      Peace lily   

This plant is well known for its air-purifying characteristics. Moreover, they are excellent at brightening up a room with white leaf bracts that look like flower petals. This plant enjoys medium to low light. If you want the white leaf bracts to bloom, placing it in more light does the trick. On the other hand, placing it in low light only results in a regular foliage plant. Peace lilies can withstand underwatering, but overwatering can be fatal. Just be sure to water your plant when the soil feels dry.

2.  Snake plant

This plant ranks among houseplants that require minimum maintenance. You can neglect it for weeks and still appear fresh. Besides purifying the air in your home office, the tall, thin, and vibrant green leaves will brighten up the space. Place it in indirect sun and let the soil dry before watering. However, this plant is toxic to pets. You don’t want your dog or cat near the snake plant.

3.  ZZ plant

This plant comes with waxy, smooth leaves that reflect the sun, brightening up your home office. The good thing is that the ZZ plant won’t ask a lot from you as it can tolerate a bit of neglect.  It is drought tolerant and requires low light to thrive. Only water when it is dry, and ensure that you place it in indirect light. However, this plant is poisonous. You will need to keep your pets and kids away from it.

4.  Fiddle leaf fig

You can find this low-maintenance plant in medium to full tree sizes. Your choice depends on the size of your office. Its watering needs depend on where you have placed it. If you have placed it where it dries up quickly, water it once a week. Otherwise, you can stay longer if it is in a place where it stays moist for long. However, this plant loves a spot with bright light. If your office doesn’t have enough light, you can use LED grow lights to help you supply the right amount of light for your fiddle leaf fig plant.

5.  Hoya plant

Hoyas make a great choice for the office for their waxy foliage that reflects the light, brightening up the space. Its sweetly scented flowers bring peace and calmness to the mind, which is ideal for any working environment. Place it in a hanging basket and let the foliage beautify the vertical space. The hoya plant thrives in humid conditions. For this reason, use a humidifier especially in the winter. You can also mist your plant regularly or place a saucer with gravel and water near the plant.

6.  Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one hardy plant as it needs little water to survive. However, it requires a lot more sunlight, which makes them ideal for a home office that has a window that lets in enough sunlight. Besides improving the aesthetics in your home office, this plant comes with a bonus. Its leaves have a healing gel that is used to soothe the skin for burns, rashes, and bug bites.

7.  Spider plant

If you love working with your pet around, then the spider plant is ideal for your home office. It is not toxic to pets, so you can have your cat or dog play around the plant. It is low maintenance, as you only need to water it once a week in spring and summer. Let the soil dry some more in the winter. The lighting needed for this plant is bright to moderate light.


Growing plants in your home office can be a great source of inspiration for enhanced productivity. They are also great for dressing your desk and enhancing the beauty of the space that you probably spend most of your time in. However, you need plants that are easy on your preoccupied self. The plants listed above make a great choice for any office and any person- green thumb or not.