Coding Camp Lets Kids Take a Deep Dive into Programming

Credit: Julia M Cameron via Pexels

Dipping a toe in the water lets you get a sense of its temperature, but there’s nothing like plunging all the way in if you want to feel it all at once. You can learn a lot by submerging yourself bit by bit. Going all in at once is the quickest way to really learn.

The same is true when it comes to classroom subjects like computer programming, where extended sessions daily instead of weekly make all the difference. Let’s look at what separates the best online coding camps from the rest.

Coding Languages That Matter

Not all coding camps teach the same computer programming languages. There’s a major difference between general computer skills and knowing how to write code in the languages driving today’s most popular apps, websites, and video games.

Sitting with them for longer gives kids more time to absorb the information. Look for a program that teaches the leading coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

When kids learn the popular, in-demand languages, they’ll be ready for the coding they encounter in later grades or at work.

Small Classes

It’s hard to learn even the most intriguing subject matter with the world’s best teacher if the class is too busy. Kids need the right level of support and attention, as they can be timid in class, and they shouldn’t have to raise their voices to get their teacher’s full focus.

The best online coding camp this summer limits class size to four, so there’ll be at most three other students with your child. Plus, there are no mandatory minimums, so you know the program will run as scheduled, even if your child is the lone student.

Put your child in a supportive atmosphere, and there’s no limit to how far they can go.

Fun Above All

Showing kids, a fun time is more important than showing them how to code! It’s summer camp, and childhood is too valuable and pure a thing to waste on readying kids for adulthood.

That’s why the best online coding camps prioritize fun and design their programs to revolve around teaching kids to create their own video games, ones they can play with friends and family. Building a video game becomes its own type of game, as the best online coding camps use gamification dynamics to make lessons more engaging.

What makes video games so addictive are used for learning, so your child will be just as drawn to learning as they are to play! They will leave the class with invaluable digital skills and habits of mind, but more importantly, they’ll enjoy their summer.

Summer is the perfect time for kids to play and relax after finishing another school year. Perhaps there’s no healthier form of screen time for kids than using a computer to build video games, sharpen their coding skills, and let their imaginations roam. If you want to enroll your child in coding classes, look for an extended summer program that ticks off all the boxes described above.

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