Cocofax: Easy Way of Sending Fax Online

Who might have thought that one day the traditional faxing method will be replaced? Have you heard about it? NO? You are exactly there where you should be. As of today, we will make you aware of a new faxing method.

E-Faxing is a new faxing method, which is much more reliable, cost-effective, and convenient. All the users are in need of is an application by which they can perform E-faxing. Don’t be concerned about it as we also have a detailed account of the application we are about to share today.


CocoFax is an excellent service for E-Faxing. It comes along with a variety of features to facilitate the users. It even gives delivery reports to the sender when the fax is delivered to the receiver. Moreover, it is offering to fax from phoneor any electronic device available.

CocoFax is recognized almost throughout the world as it is providing services in nearly 189 countries. You can fax being anywhere in the world, and no specific things are required. Using this service, you can get yourself freed from the tension of fax machines, tonners, and white pages.

As CocoFax allows to fax without fax machines. So, for all the people who wanted an alternative for fax machines, this tool is best for them. People can now fax wirelessly and if you are in need of a visual presentation on how to do so, click the link below to see the video.

Fax Covers

CocoFax has a range of fax covers for its clients. Clients can choose the one which suits best to their needs. All the covers have been created by thinking of all the modern-day needs of the businesses. All the covers are available on the official website of CocoFax so that the user doesn’t have to look around burning his precious time.


CocoFax also furnishes the users with a blacklist feature. By using this feature, users can blacklist any of the people. And they won’t be able to fax the user. This can be helpful in means of getting rid of some annoying business deals and holders.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication increases the amount of security of the account massively. No third party can reach the sensitive information of the user. Even the company itself can’t go through the personal data of the user.

Multiple Team Members

The user can add members to the team. And distribute work among them. The user can do it free of cost as the website won’t charge for multiple team members. It can reduce the workload and make the work be completed in less time.

Scheduled Deliveries

The user can compose a number of faxes and schedule its time of delivery. The user might be away from the website, but still, his fax will be delivered at the scheduled time. Isn’t it a wonderful feature to save time?

Fax from any device

There is no specific device needed for the faxing purpose. You can fax from any electronic device, whether android, IOS, Mac, PC. The device should be able to connect to the internet and everything else well.

As this service is cloud-based, it also requires the internet for its proceedings. And you can also compose your fax when the internet is unavailable, and it will automatically send it when the device gets connected to the internet.

How to Fax Via CocoFax

To fax via CocoFax is really convenient; you can follow up the instructions to make it more convenient.


Sign up at the official page of Coco-Fax. Make sure to sign up with the email address you are willing to use for your faxing. Select your fax number, which is totally free.


Choose your method of faxing whether you want to do it Gmail, Gdrive, or any other thing.


Once you are done with the composition of your faxing and entering the necessary information, click the send button. CocoFax will turn your mail into a fax document and send it to the fax number you mentioned.

Reviewing Of Fax

The most fascinating feature offered by CocoFax is a preview or reviewing of the fax. It enables the users to check their faxes before sending. So that any error or omission can be rectified, it is the feature which not all faxing services are providing.

Fax Packages

It has different packages to cover up all the audience. The user can opt for the one which suits his needs the best. The packages include Lite, Basic, Premium, Business, Enterprise. These packages differ in the number of features and number of pages. Also, the user can increase the pages by paying up.

Highly Safe

The application is exceptionally secure and safe to utilize. It permits the users to perform their faxing work with complete security, and no third party can sneak into their work. There isn’t a bit to be stressed about the safety of your personal information because it is entirely safe with CocoFax.

It even has two-factor authentication to make the faxing service more secure and protected for the users.

Convenient to utilize

Faxing via CocoFax is a straightforward process. You do not need to execute any complicated commands. There is no need for installation of any hardware or software. All the user has to do is to download the application, which is totally free to download. All the commands it gives to the users are very simple and understandable.

Moreover, if the user has some concern, he can contact the customer care unit which presents 24/7, to deal with the concerns. They are very significant in dealings. Let them know about your problem, and they make sure to solve it in the most minimal time possible.


E-faxing by using the special services of CocoFax is the best and most convenient way to do faxing. Also, it is the safest and time-saving way. So, what else are you looking for? Isn’t it a miraculous application to solve your faxing problems? Get started today and make yourself tension-free. Also, do let us know about your experience with it.