Clever storage ideas for your small business

Accounting for 99.2% of the total business landscape in the UK, small businesses are the backbone of the economy. But with many small businesses operating with limited space and budgets, storage can soon reach its limits. 

Getting organised won’t just have an impact on the aesthetics of your current working environment, but it will help improve security too. If everything has its own place, you’ll know when something is missing – even in the digital world. 

Whether you run a start-up and don’t know where to begin, or you’re in the mood for a spring clean, we’ve got the clever storage ideas your small business needs. 

Rethink your layout

If you’ve inherited an office, it can be tempting to leave the layout as is but playing around with where furniture goes might just provide you with a few extra square metres. On a piece of paper make a scale drawing of your space, make scaled versions of your furniture, and have a play with the layout – without doing the back-breaking work in real life. 

You can also consider swapping larger desks for smaller ones and implement a clear desk policy. 

Use the walls 

Vertical wall space is often overlooked. But investing in storage racking from a company that specialises in business solutions, like RS Components allows you to create bespoke storage. 

Mix and match shelf heights to maximise your space and add labels to shelves so you know where things should go. 

Just remember, if you’re using the full height of the wall, you should ensure all staff has ladder training. 

Cloud storage

With the average office worker receiving 121 emails each day, there’s no denying an increasing volume of work is done digitally. This virtual shift means cloud storage is vital for any small business.  

It’s not just emails that should be stored online, but all your paperwork too. Not only will storing confidential and sensitive data online help keep your physical office space organised, but it will make your whole operation more secure – as long as you use secure passwords and stay vigilant for any cyber-attacks. 

Multi-purpose furniture

Invest in furniture that doubles up as storage. If your office is on the small size, you need to get creative. Consider using benches with storage compartments and desks and tables with drawers. 

If space is really tight, you could create your own desk by combining filing cabinets and placing a piece of MDF on top. Consider painting cupboard doors with chalkboard paint and using them to make notes.