Claim testing and its importance for brands

Claims testing is a type of study that allows you to find the most persuasive claims for your brand or product category.

Claims properly express why customers should choose your product and what makes it unique in an increasingly crowded market. Whether you’re touting all-natural ingredients, a sensational new flavor, or the most recent scientifically-proven formula, claims are crucial — now more than ever.

What are claim and claim testing?

A claim is a statement made about a product in any medium, such as advertisement, digital marketing, public remarks, or packaging design.

Claims are statements that use only a few words to define the product or service that your company provides. They quickly and succinctly summarise your product or service to persuade clients to acquire it and to make your organization stand out. They tell the customer what the product or service is and what to expect, and regardless of what you’re claiming, you want to make sure that your audience understands your brand values. Because you can only effectively market your company identity if your messaging resonates with your brand principles.

What is claim testing?

Claims testing is a type of study that aids brands in developing tactical and successful claims that resonate with their target audience. Identifying the most convincing claims for your product category can assist enhance brand preference today, with an increased desire for product transparency. You can determine what is working and what isn’t by analyzing and scoping through a selection of options to gauge consumer preference and improve your claims.

Why it is important?

It is now more vital than ever to conduct periodic claims testing processes for consumer items. This is why:

Assists in the formation of strong brand associations

Both business and brand recognition benefit from claims. As a result, statements that are carefully formulated and matched with your brand connections position you as a consistent and legitimate brand. This gives customers more reason to believe you’ll follow through on your commitments.

Creating compelling assertions

Consumers hunt for brands that give solutions to their concerns among a flurry of brands offering similar things. A claim may convey new technology, scientific breakthroughs, or unique characteristics. It’s crucial to know whether things are portrayed realistically and believable to your target audience.

With customer data, it’s easier to send tailored messages

Claims testing can help you figure out what works for your customers and what doesn’t. Customer feedback allows you to determine which product features are important to your customers, allowing for more targeted communications. After that, claims can be tailored and streamlined for specific consumer groups.