Are you creating video content? You’re not alone. 85% of marketers are using video content to reach their target audience. It’s important to be creating video content if you want to have a strong marketing reach. It is thought that by the end of 2022 online videos will account for over 80% of all consumer internet traffic. It’s the future, and it’s not hard to see why, when around 50% of us feel like our attention spans are shorter than they were before. Whether you’re making marketing videos, e-learning courses or PR videos, the fact is that you’re creating content that is in a medium that people love and want more of. 

Is video content likely to succeed regardless? No. Unfortunately despite all the amazing figures and facts about videos, if they aren’t made well, they won’t hit the mark. This is a complex consideration because there is a lot to making a video great. The storyline, the production quality, the marketing – there is a lot to it. What we do know is that a voiceover is always a good choice for video communications. 

Voiceovers made by a professional voice over agency enhance the quality and impact of any video. With an amazing script, they will elevate your content and ensure that it is well received by your target audience. Of course, you need to choose the perfect voice over artist to deliver your lines. To help you, checkout the following tips: 


Certain types of content will suit a voice that is of the gender that matches the product or message. If the product is marketed to women, a woman’s voice might be a natural choice. In some instances, gender won’t be as important and will be a matter of taste, instead. For example if you have a voice over in Italian to promote a business that appeals to everyone, the gender of the voice over artist won’t necessarily matter. 


Accents are an important factor in video content because they relate to how relatable your content is. If you are targeting any specific geographical location, such as the Mid Atlantic, it could be a good idea to match the content with that accent, searching for a Mid Atlantic accent voice over artist. Accents can also be important when you’re marketing to other parts of the world. If you choose a voice over in Italian to target a certain part of Italy, the voice over in Italian won’t be enough to ensure the video content hits the mark. Instead, it has to be localised, and the voice over agency should be able to also make tweaks to your script to ensure the dialect and local language considerations are truly specific to your target area. 

It’s also worth remembering that certain accents come with certain preconceptions, and some even have added appeal. For example, the Irish accent is meant to be the sexiest accent in the world. If you want to add some sex appeal to your video content, could an Irish voiceover be the way to do it? 

Voice Tone

The way the voice sounds naturally has a lot of impact on the video content. A deeper voice is associated with knowledge, wisdom, more masculine qualities and more seductive qualities. A higher voice may be considered more playful, more youthful, more vibrant. Additionally, the way the script is spoken is also impactful. The saying ‘it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’ really is relevant with voice overs. So, as well as the natural tone of the voice over artist, they should also be able to use their tone of voice to bring the script to life. Can your voice over artist bring fun to the script? Can they add authority to the script? With a great voice over agency, you can ensure you have a wide selection of voice actors to consider so that you get the right tone of voice in both natural quality and performance, to suit your project. 


It may be that you want to utilise a well-known actor to voice over your content. It is a big budget, and it may not be something you want to do, but for bigger brands utilising a famous voice can propel the video content further, giving it kudos and wider appeal. 

Recording Quality

You might be using the best voice over artist in the world for your content but if they are not recorded and produced in a professional studio, their skills are wasted. You should be looking to get the full package when you have your content recorded. Not only should you have a professional voice actor bringing your script to life, recording the words quickly and accurately, but it should be done in a professional studio, and it should be produced afterwards to a high quality. Most voice over agencies don’t just hire talent out, but rather, they provide the full package, including the recording studio and post-production, so your content benefits from all the benefits of a great voice over. 

Target Audience

All of the above is much easier to choose and put in place once you know who the target audience is for your video content. Rather than choosing a voice over artist first and then working from that, identify who your video is for, and then choose a voice over artist based on that. It should give you all the information you need, combined with your brand voice and image, to choose the perfect recording artist for your project. 

Why Not Get in Touch with A Professional Voice Over Agency Today? 

Why not speak to a professional voice over agency to find out about their services? With the right voice over artist reading your script in a professional studio with experienced sound technicians, your content can be elevated and polished so that it not only reaches your target audience, but impresses them and has them flocking to your brand for more. 

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