Choosing the Right Seating for Your Worship Style

Choosing the Right Seating for Your Worship Style

Did you know that the right seating option is vital to the overall congregant worship experience? Well, a suitable seating arrangement in your worship space can guarantee optimum participation. It facilitates a sense of community and provides a comfortable, welcoming environment.

The trick to this optimum participation lies in matching the suitable seating with your worship style. So, how do you accomplish this right seating in your church? Read more below:


Traditional Worship: Pews, Benches, and Classic Church Chairs

The traditional worship style involves congregants worshiping while facing a focal point in the front. This style ensures that everyone in the worship spaces can effectively see the preacher, hear them, and follow their body movement.

In traditional worship, the best seating arrangement is the theater style. The theater style involves a configuration where classic church chairs, benches, or pews are arranged in consecutive straight rows.

Contemporary Worship: Auditorium Seating, Stackable Chairs, and More

The contemporary worship style is incredibly popular among churches today as it involves charismatic movements. The best seating in this contemporary worship area is the auditorium seating.

Auditorium seating involves the use of flip-up seats or stackable chairs. This seating option offers a spacious, clean worship environment ideal for charismatic movements. When shopping for chairs for auditorium seating, focus on the following to ensure comfort:

  • Upholstered back
  • Flip-up arms
  • Quality material
  • The type of finish used

Multi-Purpose Worship Spaces: Versatile Seating Options for Different Uses


You can convert your worship area to serve different purposes in multi-purpose worship spaces. For instance, you can turn your worship area into a wedding reception, a community event, or a teaching area.

Therefore, the best seating for a multi-purpose worship space is a versatile seating option. In this versatile seating, stackable chairs offer the perfect solution. Stackable chairs have the flexibility that allows you to easily remove, add, or move chairs to meet different uses.

Small Group Worship: Intimate Seating Arrangements for a Personal Experience

A small group worship style involves a few congregant members gathering together for worship. The best seating option for this small group focuses on creating an intimate seating arrangement. This intimate seating promotes an incredible personal worship experience where everyone in the group can listen effectively to summons.

The best seating style for small group worship is either the boardroom or the horseshoe seating style. In the boardroom style, congregants in the small group can effectively interact with one another as the members face one another. On the other hand, in the horseshoe style, the chairs are arranged in a U-shaped open-ended configuration. This shape allows individuals to focus on the presenter while allowing for effective interactions between members.

Outdoor Worship: Durable and Weather-Resistant Seating for Open-Air Services

The best seating for worship in outdoor areas involves weather-resistant and durable seats. Open-air services expose church seating chairs to harsh weather conditions like rain or sun. If you use the wrong seating for an open-air service, you increase the chances of your seats suffering from easy wear and tear.

These unsuitable seating options lead to massive losses. Thus, durable and weather-resistant seats are the best for outdoor services because they guarantee longevity. If the worship style that you employ involves outdoor worship, make sure to focus on the following when buying church chairs:

  • The type of material used
  • The probability of chipping paint
  • The flexibility of the chairs
  • The sturdiness of the seats

In Conclusion

As you can see above, worship centers can employ different worship styles. A suitable seating option is vital for this worship style to be effective. It can guarantee the best worship experience for congregants. Have you ever been to a contemporary worship area? If yes, how has the auditorium seating enhanced the contemporary worship experience?

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