Chipotle Crypto payment accepted at US stores

Chipotle is a popular fast-food chain in Mexico. It has now started to accept Bitcoin payments at most of its locations. It is at nearly 2950 US-based locations through Flexa, the digital payment provider. They will be accepting every 98 cryptos that are supported now by Flexa. It includes Bitcoin, Ether, and seven stablecoins pegged to US dollar like USD coin. Flexa declared this partnership. But there is not any such information about this news on its website of Chipotle. It is not the first time that the food chain experimented with cryptos. Last year in April, in National Burrito Day’s honor, the food chain distributed $100000 priced Bitcoin. Additionally, complimentary burritos were also given. It thus claimed to be the first restaurant chain in the US of doing a cryptocurrency giveaway. Visit at: 

All about the crypto payment

  • It is not the first time the famous American fast-food chain demonstrated a shift toward crypto. For crypto trading and investment log onto Bitcoin smart.    
  • This network is carbon negative. It is because it balances all emissions its blockchain created. Also, some operation activities with few verifiable carbon offsets create emissions. Nordstrom, Petco, Lowe’s, and GameStop are among all US stores that accept such Flexa payments. 
  • For using Flexa for any in-store digital transaction, customers must log in to a wallet app that is Flexa enabled like Gemini, SPEDN, etc.
  • It must be installed on their phone and they must select Chipotle from the provided options.
  • The declaration that Flexa made to welcome Chipotle on board said a few things.
  • He said that all of them at Flexa are very excited to work with the Chipotle team.
  • They are happy to assist further digital payment innovation and make real and healthy food much easier to enjoy.
  • They are looking forward to continuing to enable more options of payment together soon.
  • For this promotion, it collaborated with the former chief technology officer of Ripple, Stefan Thomas.
  • The chain established its in-game currency called Burrito Bucks on Roblox previously this year. It coincided with the Burrito Builder game’s release on this same platform. At some select restaurants of Chipotle, players were able to swap Burrito Bucks for any free entrée ticket. 
  • In the game, participants will be able to win a burrito or $25000 priced Bitcoin if they successfully guess a code.
  • This game mocked the experience of Thomas losing more than 7000 Bitcoin as he forgot his crypto wallet’s password. It will be worth more than $208 million now.
  • With the latest move, they joined Subway and Starbucks ranks. They are the chains accepting crypto as one payment alternative currently.
  • In March Shake Shack stated that consumers making transactions with Cash Card will be earning 15 % of the purchases again in Bitcoin.
  • Quiznos also collaborated with an app named Bakkt a year ago. It was for establishing one trial program to accept Bitcoin payments at some specific Quiznos locations in Denver.
  • A lot of fast food companies are adopting crypto payments.
  • Other companies fast-food also expressed crypto interest and uses of metaverse for their brands.
  • Last year in November, Burger King and Robinhood, the trading site teamed up.
  • They then provided customers free Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin with their meal purchases.
  • Welly, the fast-food chain, and Shiba Inu also formed a partnership.


Chipotle is one of the largest restaurant chains in America. It is certainly one of the most renowned ones to have begun to accept crypto payments. Every 2979 establishments of Chipotle in the US have started to take part in this project. Additionally for marking the new service launch, the company will be giving customers a discount of 10% on their next transaction of crypto. This move will be sparking the much-required positive sentiment in this industry. It will also substantially influence the markets. Chipotle also enjoys a huge presence in some countries such as the UK, France, Germany, and Canada. There are chances that its crypto payments acceptance may be seeing a worldwide boost. The unregulated market of crypto heavily depends on positive and negative news. It was clear with Tesla’s participation as well as withdrawal from the market of crypto some months back. The current ripples that were created by the active acknowledgment of Chipotle ensure to play a perfect role. Cryptos are an unregulated investment product that is very volatile. It has no protection for EU or UK investor.