Chinese Lesson 101: Everything You Need To Know About The Perfect Chinese Language Tutorial

Learning a language is more difficult than it appears. It can take years to master a language, but once you do, you will be able to accomplish great things. Having a Chinese lesson in Singapore is the best thing you can do if you want to learn a language, whether it’s as a hobby or as a business.

If you want to learn the best language, I’ll show you everything you need to know about the best Chinese language tutorial in this article.


Know the Basics 

If you want to study the Chinese language, you should start by learning the basics about the language’s origins and how it became one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet.

The Chinese language, which dates back to the Shang dynasty, is the world’s oldest language, with at least 6,000 years of history. With nearly 1.3 billion native Chinese speakers as well as people who have learned it for a variety of reasons, it is undeniably a popular language around the world. It is impossible to deny that the Chinese language is extremely popular. Especially now, when their respective business sectors are growing.

We’ll go on to the most exciting section of the post now that we’ve covered the fundamentals. 


Lesson 101:

There are numerous tutorial companies that provide a wide range of services for individuals or groups. If you’re a newbie, make sure you’re looking at a legitimate platform or company. You should trust those who have certified language teachers and certifications.

There are several types of learning levels that you should be aware of once you have checked the company’s legality and before proceeding with the registration.

Beginner Level

If you’re completely new to this and simply want to try it out for the sake of learning and having fun. This is your session. After finishing the course, you will have a vocabulary of approximately 500 words. The course includes over a thousand commonly used statements and phrases, letting you communicate readily in everyday situations. Each level has ten classes, for a total of 20 hours of language learning.

At this level, you will learn how to introduce yourself and greet others. You’ll also learn a few polite phrases and what to say when a visitor arrives. It is also important to know the Chinese terms for different countries and nationalities. In the Chinese language, the way you address people is also heavily taught. It is critical that you are familiar with the terms used in people’s professions and job descriptions. 

You’ll also learn about a range of foods and beverages, as well as how to order them. The most basic ones you’ll be dealing with are asking for help, asking for directions, and making an appointment.

Even though it is a starting level, learning such things can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, you can always ask your tutor for help and assistance. Tutors really professional and approachable; don’t be afraid to seek assistance if you’re having difficulty learning.

Intermediate Level

If you’ve mastered the basics and are ready to go to the next level. Then you are completely suited for this level. At the intermediate level, you will be able to use and maximize their vocabulary and structure. These levels will improve your capacity to communicate more professionally in everyday conversation and business scenarios. Each level consists of 40 hours of instruction divided into 20 classes.

This level comprises two sublevels, the lower and upper level, where you will learn about a variety of topics such as Chinese traditional philosophy, what to do and say in job interviews, and even travel essentials. Unlike at the beginning level, the instructors will teach you a lot of terms and phrases because you are one step ahead of a novice.

Advanced Level

Now, suppose you’re a true professional at learning multiple languages. You may try to enroll at a mastery level. This level is appropriate for entrepreneurs, organizations, and language learners who wish to have a better understanding of Chinese business talents, knowledge, and efficient communication. This course is also intended to provide you with a broad understanding of China’s rapidly growing market and business society. This level also aims to improve their vocabulary utilization and their ability to freely use it while maintaining proper grammatical order.

You can now choose the level you want to be at after learning about these types. But keep in mind that this isn’t the only thing that you will choose from. Among other things, getting the appropriate service is essential.


Choosing the Right Service

Finding the best or most appropriate language tutorial company can be difficult at times since many of them offer discounts along with several freebies. Yet, you will not learn anything in the end. So, what exactly is the point of enrolling there?

If you want to learn Chinese, be sure the company you’re about to join offers the following services, because quality is always better than quantity.

You can choose between an adult and a children’s program from certain reputable language tutoring companies. For the time being, let’s concentrate on the adult programs.

Conversational Chinese

If you want to learn how to converse with people who speak Chinese, this is the course for you. You can use this program to assist you in learning on a daily basis. The tutors will provide you with some statements and phrases to practice with. You and your partner, if you have one, can try practicing the offered task to improve your fluency.

Beginner Class in Mandarin

Because you will be studying in a group, this session is best for you if you desire an engaging, entertaining, and effective way of learning the language. Of course, we’ve all experienced the awkwardness and shyness that come with the first meeting when you don’t know anyone in your class. However, as you progress, you will love having communication and engagement with them while also learning the language.

Online Mandarin Class

While we are still in the midst of the pandemic, certain countries are still unable to fly internationally or travel within their borders. A good language tutoring company should have a backup plan for teaching you the language if something goes wrong.

When it comes to language tutorials, however, online classes are nothing new. And this is an excellent option because you have complete control over your schedule and availability. Your other commitments and priorities will be unaffected. Furthermore, you will be able to learn the language successfully.

A word of caution: there are some online language tutoring businesses that will lead to nothing, so always verify legitimacy and credentials.

Mandarin Intermediate Class

Now that you’ve finished with the beginners’ class, you can enroll here. You will be given more words and phrases to practice with your group than in the introductory class. Of course, because you’ll be communicating with your classmates, you’ll be able to study in a fun and dynamic manner.

Daily Intensive Mandarin Class

This session is for you if you are a busy person who does not have the luxury of time to study the language. This course can easily be completed in two weeks. It may appear that learning a language in a short period is impossible, but with the help of experienced tutors, you will be able to speak the language flawlessly in front of others in no time.

Because each program is made up of different activities and lessons, the price of each class may vary. All of it, though, is worthwhile if you are truly committed to learning the language.

Final Thoughts

It is advantageous for you to be able to learn another language. Not only will you be able to utilize it when traveling, but you will also be able to use it to grow your business. You may wish to study Chinese for enjoyment or work; whatever your motivation, be sure you are on the right track and choose the best language tutoring company because you don’t want to waste your time or money on promises and services that are too good to be true.