How to Change Netflix Region on iOS Device

How can one change Netflix region and watch content from any country? Here, we’ll show you how to change Netflix region. First, set up a Netflix account if you haven’t already done so. The next step will be to download, install and connect to a VPN through your chosen country. Then go to the Netflix site. Log in using your new Netflix account and choose your desired content.

That’s how you change Netflix region in a brief and shortened context. But we will give you a more expounded idea on the same. So, here’s a very detailed guide on how to change Netflix region on iOS device:

Use Third-Party Applications and VPNs to Change Netflix Region

The main way to get access to Netflix from any region is to use third-party applications. These platforms are either available online for free or for a fee. The applications make it possible to access the streaming platform, without violating Netflix’s terms of service or streaming guidelines.

The best applications have been reviewed by various media organizations including PC Mag. Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing a VPN to unblock Netflix:

Does the VPN Offer You Secure Connections?

Find out if the VPN service offers secure servers or not. Many VPNs claim to offer secure servers but don’t. The problem is that there are some servers with weak security.

If you change Netflix region, it means that your connection may be susceptible to hacking. For this reason, you have to choose a VPN that offers secured servers.

Check Your ISP

The next thing you need to check on is whether your local ISP offers streaming content through unmetered servers. Some ISPs do not provide streaming content through such public connections.

Make sure you sign up for a VPN service. Why? A VPN is useful in two ways. First of all, it hides your identity. Streaming restricted traffic through a VPN is actually quite easier.

On top of that, a VPN offers additional benefits. Some VPNs use open protocols such as Linux, whereas others use closed protocols such as PPTP. These factors will depend on the service provider you use.

While you can use a VPN to bypass restrictions imposed by Netflix, the real quality will come from your internet connection. If your internet speed is slow or unreliable, it won’t matter whether you’re using the best VPN or not.  And that’s where the need to use a reliable ISP comes into the picture. You have one more option, you can choose Bolly4u for downloading new movies. People are enjoying this platform without paying anything, they just download a free VPN and open this site.

Using Proxies to Change Netflix Region

While Proxies are useful in getting you to change Netflix region, they are not recommended for streaming servers, since they aren’t secure. That’s why it would help if you avoided the use of proxies and instead, opt to use VPNs.

A VPN is an ideal choice to change Netflix region. Not only do they offer good speeds and security, but also have extremely reliable and easy to use interfaces. Now that you know how to change Netflix region and watch any content, you can start enjoying movies from any part of the world!

Advantages of Using VPNs to Change Netflix Region

Wide Range of Coverage

One of the main pros to using VPNs to change Netflix region is the wide range of coverage. As you may already know, Netflix supports several streaming servers across the world. But it doesn’t mean that all of them are accessible from your iOS device. That’s why you need a VPN to access the restricted locations.


Private VPNs work very well. A VPN is used just like your normal internet connection. It begins by connecting to the internet through a private server. And then it encrypts your traffic for privacy reasons.

This makes it harder for anyone online to track your internet activity. Just as you can use a proxy to change Netflix region, VPNs do this even better. They allow you to make changes to country settings and stream content from any location privately.

Our Top Pick

Like other VPN articles, we should leave you with an opinion of the best VPN to change Netflix region. We found that Mysterium Network was the best at unblocking Netflix restrictions.

The company offers an excellent variety of reliable services including private VPN, HD streaming, unlimited bandwidth, streaming quality and speed, and security. In addition, they also offer two different plans, one for customers who need more than the normal VPN server, and another for customers who just need the basic VPN server.

For users who use Netflix regularly and wish to watch content from any region, wherever they may be, this is the best option. Take it from us. But you’re still free to sample different VPNs and decide the best one to use.

Final thoughts

So, that’s how you change Netflix region when using an iOS device. Feel free to do so and enjoy more content on the streaming platform.