Centricity EMR vs Kareo EMR: A Definitive Guide

Centricity EMR software and kareo EMR are entirely different. The reason is Kareo is designed with independent practitioners in mind, whereas Centricity EMR is explicitly created for rural healthcare communities and urgent care centers. Also, Kareo tends to the needs of non-physician care providers, which is not the case for Centricity EMR. But these are not the only points where these solutions differ.

Many other facts reveal that Kareo and Centricity EMR serve as entirely different healthcare platforms. But to understand that you have to read this Centricity EMR vs Kareo EMR comparison till the end. There’s no way you can grasp the functioning of these solutions without comparing their pricing, reviews, and demos side-by-side. So, if you want to make a hassle-free EMR selection decision, dig in!

Cost Structure of Kareo EMR and Centricity EMR

While conducting a Centricity vs Kareo EMR comparison, how can we leave out the pricing element. The cost plans of Centricity EMR vary considerably from that of Kareo EMR. Even though both these platforms have not shared the overall pricing structure, Kareo EMR at least shares its cost/billing policy. Care professionals get a clear idea of what they will be charged for the services of Kareo EMR.

As for Centricity EMR, neither its cost structure nor billing policy is available on the web. It is just available upon request. However, from Centricity EMR software reviews we gathered that it is less pricey than many other healthcare platforms. Still, Kareo beats Centricity EMR when it comes to the cost of services offered. Let’s get into the specifics of the cost structure of Centricity EMR and Kareo EMR.

Kareo EHR CostCentirity EMR Cost
Kareo EMR offers custom cost bundles.   After inquiring about the role, the number of users, and specialty practice, the vendor provides detailed pricing plans.   It provides varying plans for physicians and non-physician providers.   All cost packages of Kareo EMR are inclusive of phone, email, and live chat. Customer support.   Kareo EMR separately charges data conversion cost based on data volume.   Minimum dee charged as $150/month paired with a one-time implementation fee.Centricity EMR offers separate cost plans for its on-premise and cloud-based deployment models.   On-premise plan is followed by a one-time implementation fee whereas the web-bThe on-premises backed by a monthly-based pricing structure.   Th customer support is included in subscription plans but the maintenance cost is charged exclusively of pricing plans.   Additional amount is charged for data migration based on the volume of data.   The implementation cost of Centricity EMR varies with practice size.

Kareo vs Centricity EMR software Demo:

Now that you know about the cost plan of Karei and Centricity EMR software it’s time to dive into the demonstration part. Kareo EMR offers a cost-free demo and so does Centricity EMR. But just because these are free doesn’t mean there’s no point in exploring them.  We recommend you to schedule a one-on-one demo with Kareo EMR and Centricity EMR one by one. It will help you assess these solutions side-by-side by having a detailed inside look.

The Kareo EMR demo is expertly crafted with a keen focus on highlighting all the clinical aspects like patient engagement and documentation tools and all that. As for Centricity EMR, its demo is well-constructed and detailed. All its essential and distinctive services are explained in the few-minute demo. So, care providers can get many things out of these short demonstration tutorials so don’t take them for granted and schedule the demos right away.

Centricity EMR and Kareo EMR Reviews:

To add value to the Centricity EMR vs Kareo EMR comparison, we covered the element of reviews. Whether it’s EMR solutions or any other product, the importance reviews hold is unmatchable. It can’t be neglected. There’s no such thing as putting this aspect as the last priority while making a productive decision. You have to know what users think about the functioning of EMR solutions to get to a conclusive point.

In our case, Kareo EMR and Centricity EMR both are entitled to excellent customer satisfaction rates. If Kareo EMR reviews are full of praise for its revenue cycle management, Centricity EMR software is nothing less. It is lauded for its patient-engaging functionalities. As we have limited space, we will cover the vital points and capabilities highlighted by the care providers. If you want an in-depth overview, consult the reviews yourself.

Kareo Software ReviewsPractice Mate Software Reviews
Features after-hours customer support for patients. Allows for prescription refills Handles the revenue cycle to improve cash flow Generates real-time insights by conducting reports. Offers integrated discounts for prescriptions It is HIPAA and Meaningful Use certified provides a holistic view of patient reports Comes with an intuitive agenda overview tool. Gives instant access to patient profiles Enhances clinical effectiveness by coordinating careAn all-rounder platform with integrated capabilities Simplifies administrative tasks Reduce workload to a minimum to increase staff efficiency Handles patient encounters perfectly Easily gets the patients involved Boosts productivity by handling front-desk operations Saves check-ins time Takes the hassle out of clinical processes Offers next-level customer service Improves the patient care outcomes Allows for ordering tests and receiving lab reports online

Final Thoughts:

We hope this trivial effort of ours to equip you with knowledgeable insights about Centricity EMR and Kareo EMR will bore fruits. This Centricity EMR vs Kaeo EMR comparison is full of to-the-point facts. All these elements are covered with delicacy, from the reviews to the pricing, to assure you get your hands on authentic and reliable information. In this Centricity EMR vs Kareo EMR comparison, we learned that Kareo is better for independent practices. Centricity EMR is not the first pick of independent practices for t is designed on an enterprise-grade approach. Its features are highly-advanced and work best for healthcare organizations with a high patient influx. Also, Centricity EMR software charges an additional cost for customization which puts burden on the practitioner’s shoulders. Conclusively, Kareo ERM for small and independent practices and Centricity for large-scale practices.