Cave drawings and logos. What is the copulation?

Earlier, many centuries ago, or rather millennia ago, ancient people used inscriptions and various images on caves, rocks and stones in order to convey some particularly important and sometimes vital information. These cave and rock carvings and symbols had the ability to convey the main meaning of the conceived briefly, concisely and comprehensibly.

In fact, the first rock inscriptions were left by the ancestors long before the emergence of writing system. Many assume that the ancient people planned to leave something to their descendants, to convey some information or facts even to us. However, it is more likely this is not exactly the case.

For example, one of the most ancient rock paintings was the image of a pig. What is more interesting and mysterious, next to many rock paintings, inscriptions and hieroglyphs, the palms of the hands of ancient people are depicted. Indeed, in many caves and on the rocks, you can find outlined palms. Many of the drawings depict bulls. One of the first cave drawings was also an image of hunting by an ancient man. Scientists estimate the age of such drawings, giving them about fifty thousand years. There are suggestions that our ancestors decorated their homes and various caves in this way. The outlined palms next to the images were, as it were, peculiar signatures of ancient artists.

Some images showed not only real events, scenes from real life, animals or plants, but also some fictional stories. It can be assumed the artist was especially fond of the process of drawing, he had a special inspiration and suddenly began to invent and fantasize.

Ancient people left signs, symbols, inscriptions and drawings of various contents in many places. All kinds of images were absolutely unique and diverse and even of different sizes. For example, the largest known rock drawing is about 300 meters. Mostly in the paintings there are hunting scenes and all kinds of animals. For example, there are deer, wild boars, horses. However, there are also incomprehensible, abstract figures and symbols.

There are also suggestions that, depicting various kinds of hunting scenes and animals, ancient people hoped for success. This was supposed to bring them luck and the opportunity to quickly and deftly catch the beast during a real hunt.

But there is a hypothesis it was especially important for ancient people to convey thoughts, unique or serious information and necessary experience to their children and descendants. Oral speech in ancient times was actually poorly developed and therefore images were used for communicating.

By the way, ancient rock paintings have a lot in common with the current logos. In the modern world, using the logo, people also convey basic information, only of a slightly different kind. However, the basic meaning and purpose of the images is quite similar. The most popular logos are easily identified in the logo quiz. This is a rather interesting and convenient way to test your knowledge and experience in this field.

So, what is the logo, and why is there some similarity with historical, ancient rock paintings and symbols?

In short, the logo is an identification mark or a small symbol that has a certain semantic content and a particular idea. Indeed, it is not created just like that, for beauty or out of boredom. However, the logo does not have the purpose of its existence as directly for ordinary and household communication. In fact, the similarity with cave inscriptions appears due to the concept of perception of visual images. Since ancient times, man has not only learned to understand drawings and depict objects, animals, scenes from life, but also to bring a special and unique meaning to such images.

Obviously, people develop visual communication skills over time, there are more opportunities to create all kinds of images not only in the form of an idea or a plan, but also in real life. And thus, after many millennia, various graphic symbols appear to replace the rock paintings. Their essence and main purpose also lurk in the transmission of basic information, but not only that. The possibility of creating symbols such as logos appeared with the appearance of various companies, firms and brands. Logos have a huge connection with the existence of a company and a certain brand, namely products, goods and services.

The logo was created in order to characterize the essence, goals and principles of certain companies and brands. Glancing at a logo for the first time or casually encountering it, anyone should comprehend the concept and basic ideas of the business, company and brand.

Today, logos play a huge role in the field of business and monetization. They are of great importance and serve for the successful and prosperous existence of companies, goods and services and their popularization. This happens for one simple reason. In the modern world, most of the information and fact among the huge mass of various kinds of information are obtained by a person visually, with the help of eyes. This part is about 90 percent of the information.