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Cardiac Arrest Survival Rate

Once upon a time, a cardiac arrest was often considered a deadly affair that can kill up to half of the patients in a few days. This was when medical science had a very vague insight into the physiological processes that went behind what a cardiac attack was. 

Doctors were helpless, and they could only let nature advance its course. All they could do was to keep the patients calm and ease their chest pain.

Well, times have changed since then! According to a survey published by Harvard Medical School, 90% of people recover from myocardial infarction, which is the medical term for a cardiac attack. It refers to an area of heart muscle damaged by an interruption in blood circulation. 

One of the reasons behind the decrease of death due to cardiac issues is modern doctor’s ability to identify and treat smaller and comparatively less deadly cardiac attacks.

Among all Indian cities, the cardiac attack death rate is remarkably lower in Bangalore. The emergence of the best cardiac hospitals in Bangalore, having specialized coronary care units, is the reason behind such advancement.

Much of the improvement in cardiac arrest survivors have been attained by the gradual understanding of the critical situations that may cause a cardiac attack. The sudden formation of artery-blocking blood clots is the most common reason that causes a heart attack. 

Therefore, new treatment methods have been designed to address the formation of artery-blocking blood clots efficiently. Nowadays, the increasing use of aspirin, drugs to break clots, and angioplasty treatment has helped patients recover at an early stage of the heart attack.

First Hours Are Critical

A patient needs immediate medical attention in the first hours. The status of the heart muscles helps the doctors understand the short and long-term consequences of a heart attack. 

Doctors can open the blocked artery with rapid and aggressive heart treatment. This process can preserve most of the heart muscles. If the patient receives treatment within three or four hours, avoiding severe muscle damage would be possible. 

But in the case of delay beyond five to six hours, the chances of recovering the maximum portion of the heart muscle may decrease. After twelve hours, recovery seems challenging.

Usually, cardiac arrests take place within the first few hours of a heart attack. If a cardiac arrest occurs after admitting to the hospital, the doctors have good chances of taking the patient out of danger. 

Signs & Symptoms

Doctors need to recognize the signs of a heart attack for providing proper medical care. We all know that chest pain is a common sign of a heart attack. Apart from this, there are many signs that sometimes alert a patient and the doctor, such as:

  • Prolific sweating 
  • Breathing problems
  • Pain in jaw and neck, shoulders, and arms
  • Heartburn and similar other symptoms

According to American Heart Association, one in five heart attacks comes silently. Even when the symptoms are mild or not visible, the risk can be higher. Timely treatment is the only thing that can help reduce the cardiac arrest rate. 

Fortunately, valuable equipment and medical devices used by the best cardiac hospitals in Bangalore have been helping many patients in recovering from a cardiac attack.

Bottom line

If you feel that you may be experiencing a cardiac attack, you must immediately ask for medical help; if the problem is diagnosed at the initial stages, the chances of recovery will increase.