Car Crash Questions: Exactly How Long Should You Be Sore After a Car Accident?

Man feeling bad after a car accident injury

Did you know that 20-50 million people suffer from car crash injuries every year? Even a minor car accident can lead to serious damages, and cause long-lasting pains and post-traumatic suffering. Being involved in a car accident, people usually call the insurance company to handle the case. While attorneys specializing in car accidents will not only solve the case in favor of you but will also take your injury personally, and help you get the required medical attention. An experienced car lawyer will get the highest amount of compensation for you with their negotiation skills and in-depth knowledge. If you’re wondering how long you’ll feel pain after a car crash, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll cover some common car crash questions like when the pain should pass.

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What Can Affect Pain Levels?

You will experience a certain level of pain after a car crash. Your body may have undergone severe trauma. The pain you experience will depend on a few factors.

Were you wearing a seatbelt? Where were you seated in the vehicle? Other factors include the speed of the crash, the size of the other car, and if you had pre-existing injuries.

There isn’t a clear-cut way to figure out how long the pain will last. A qualified medical professional will be able to provide an estimate. Make sure you see a medical professional after an accident.

You Didn’t Experience Pain Until Later

Some people will experience a delay in pain. People tend to walk away from car crashes and not feel pain. Yet, a few days later, they feel as if they’ve been hit by a train. Everyone reacts differently.

Some injuries do have delayed symptoms. Signs of spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury don’t show up until later.

If you already went to a doctor but feel sore later, go back to the doctor. Even if the pain’s delayed, you could still be facing a severe injury.

A lot of times, people will assume some symptoms are typical reactions from an accident. Make sure you track new symptoms.

Neck pain with a fever could reveal you might have a severe problem. If you notice some changes, tell your doctor.

Don’t put off treatment. If you’re worried about cost, consider hiring a personal injury attorney. Learn more about what questions to ask when hiring a lawyer.

A personal injury attorney helps you take legal action against the other party. This way, you can get help with treatment costs.

You should also be able to access medical benefits through your auto insurance.

What About Weeks Later?

Is it a few weeks later, and you still notice you’re in pain? Pain shouldn’t worsen over time, but if it does, you’ll want to contact your doctor right away. You might have a severe problem that’s only presenting itself now.

Your doctor might prescribe pain medication, massage therapy, physical therapy, or surgery. Some people will need to get epidural steroid injections.

Why Do You Feel Sore?

There are some common reasons behind why people will feel sore or experience pain after an accident. Sprains or strains are a common injury that will cause muscle soreness.

When you’re in a car accident, the force of the crash moves your body in an unnatural way. If your body moves in a way that strains your tendons or muscles, you might experience a tear.

A torn tendon or muscle will become inflamed and cause pain. Most of the time, torn muscles or tendons will heal on their own.

Whiplash is another common reason why people will feel pain after an accident. A lot of the time, people experience whiplash if they were in a rear-end accident.

The seat you’re sitting in will move forward while your neck or head braces against the back of the chair. Your neck and head will whip ahead to catch up with the sudden movement.

Whiplash can cause severe injury to your back or neck, and some people will have herniated discs.

Traumatic Brain Injury

If you hit your head, you should expect to feel sore. Some people report a throbbing or dull headache. In other cases, people will experience sharp or extreme pain.

A traumatic brain injury is severe and should get treated right away.

You Feel Disoriented or Confused

If you didn’t get a traumatic brain injury diagnosis, make sure you look out for signs of confusion afterward. Also, you’ll want to pay attention to disorientation or memory problems.

Spinal Cord Injury

Car accidents are another common cause behind spinal cord injuries. Your back will feel sore after a crash, but a spinal cord injury will result in severe pressure or pain.

Make sure you see a doctor right away if you have these symptoms.

What Should You Do?

After a car crash, make sure you see your doctor. You don’t want to prolong treatment or avoid getting medical help.

Even if you’re only noticing a minor soreness, you should still get checked out. Adrenaline can mask pain.

Also, you’ll want to follow your doctor’s guidelines. This way, you will heal faster. If you don’t rest or receive proper treatment, you could have worse symptoms or pain.

An insurance adjuster might say your pain resulted from your inaction, not the accident.

Make sure you listen to your doctor and don’t miss follow-up appointments. Your medical record will be significant when it comes time to file a personal injury claim.

Now You Know More About Common Car Crash Questions

We hope this guide on common car crash questions was helpful. If you experience soreness or pain after a crash, make sure you see your doctor.

You don’t want to delay getting treatment. The pain you feel will depend on pre-existing injuries and the crash.

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