4 Major Causes Of Car Accidents

Car accidents are a widespread occurrence. The increasing amount of traffic on roads coupled with reckless driving can lead to serious accidents. However, reckless driving is not the only reason behind these car accidents; not following the rules, using cell phones while driving, improper vehicle maintenance and several other reasons account for these accidents.

The development in technology has enabled drivers to install automatic emergency brakes, backup cameras, and several other types of equipment that are aimed at making driving a safer experience. However, this has its risks attached to it. Over-reliance on such technologies or the instances where these technologies fail to work properly can result in horrific road accidents. Therefore, no matter how much you upgrade your car, being alert behind the wheels is extremely vital.

Being in a car crash can be a very traumatizing and life-changing experience for most people. Regardless of how badly you get injured, more often than not, there is usually at least one person who is on the receiving end of mild to severe damages. The post-accident process can be tedious and usually, the emotional and physical stress caused due to the accident prevents people from reaching the optimum outcome. This is where a Car Accidents Lawyer comes to your rescue and takes the burden of insurance claims, medical bills, and several other expenses that are incurred during a car crash off of your shoulders.

At Derek L. Hall, PC, you can find the right lawyer who can help you deal with the legal proceedings. A highly experienced lawyer has sufficient experience in the field and will provide you with guaranteed results. Such lawyers can help you gain compensation for not just your medical expenses that are incurred but can also help in receiving a significant claim that will be sufficient enough to cover your medical expenses in the future.

The right lawyer will not just assist you by smoothing out the tedious and long processes that await after a car crash, they will also assist you in giving the closure you need.

Injuries and Car Accidents

When you hear about a car accident, human instinct dictates that the first thing that pops up in your mind is whether the person involved in the accident got hurt or not. This is because it is very common to get injured in a car accident. Depending on the intensity of the accident and the angle from which your vehicle got hit, the severity of the injury can vary from being very mild to extremely critical. These injuries can be both internal and external, and are usually followed by hefty medical bills.

While external injuries might appear to be really painful and gruesome on the outside, internal injuries can be even more dangerous. A person involved in a car accident should always make sure they visit a doctor, regardless of whether they have any external injuries or not. A wound might be easy to spot but internal bleeding in some part of the body will require the assistance of a doctor or else it can go unnoticed and cause extremely serious problems in the future.

The most common types of internal injuries that are caused in accidents include internal bleeding, head injuries and even broken ribs. Be it a major or a minor accident, there is a probability that the victims might be on the receiving end of one of these unfortunate injuries. Therefore, going to a doctor is extremely vital if you want to protect yourself from any possible long-term problems.

Hiring an attorney will help you here since a good lawyer will get you complete compensation for the hefty bills mentioned above and thus you wouldn’t have to shy away from medical procedures due to financial constraints. Insurance companies usually try to offer you lesser compensation and thus take advantage of your emotional and physically compromised condition. A lawyer will get you the compensation and treatment you deserve without putting any additional burden on you.

What kind of compensation can a lawyer help you gain?

Since we’ve already mentioned compensations multiple times, let us look at what exactly we are referring to when we talk about compensations. We have discussed compensation for medical bills, but there are several other areas in which you might require financial compensation and your lawyer is bound to fight for you until you get the amount you deserve.

Imagine you are driving in the middle of the road and already facing a financial crisis. Out of nowhere, a vehicle crashes into your vehicle. Not only will your car get wrecked, you will also face physical and mental injuries. These injuries might hinder your effectiveness and you will not be able to go to work. Your financial condition was already in shambles and all of this will have an even worsening impact on it. You try to contact your insurance company to make the best out of the worst situation, but your efforts are rendered fruitless.

In addition, any current and future loss of income that you might face due to the accident, compensation for rehabilitation if it is necessary, expenses incurred in the repair process for your vehicle and any other expenses that have arisen due to the pain and suffering caused by accident will be considered in the compensation that your lawyer will seek for you.

Hiring a Lawyer and the Legal Fees associated with it

The idea behind hiring a lawyer to fight for you is usually shunned out by people because they believe they will be unable to afford a lawyer. However, most firms take care of this issue and either offer pro bono legal consultation services. If this is not the case, then firms usually decide on a certain percentage of the final claims received, which will be counted as the lawyer and the firm’s legal fees.

This way, the person who has been a victim in an accident does not have to worry about providing the lawyer with any money prior to receiving monetary compensation. Some firms also operate on a contingency basis where legal fees are only applicable in case the lawyer is able to successfully win the case. In instances of failure, the firm does not charge any fee from the party that is involved.

People just have to contact the law firm, which can be done via multiple sources, be it telephone, email, live chat or even messages. The process behind taking up your case might require the law firm to first assess your case and then make a decision accordingly. Respondents will get back to the victim within a short span of time in order to disclose whether the lawyer and firm have agreed to look into the victim’s case or not and how they would like to proceed.

The victim’s lawyer will then be solely responsible for fighting the case on their behalf and thus giving them the option and the time that they need to get their life back on track. Depending on how determined the attorney is, there are chances that the case may be taken up to the court in order to tip the scales in the victim’s favor and provide them with the compensation that they deserve.  

How are Verdicts and Settlements related to Car Accidents Calculated?

The settlement that either party will receive can vary depending on the jurisdiction where the accident has occurred and the laws prevailing in that area. This means that there is no fixed way to calculate how much a person will receive in the aftermath of an accident and it is completely subjective to the laws that dominate the area in consideration.

These verdicts and settlements are also swayed by the nature of the accident and how much each party is at fault. Quotes from mechanics, car repair bills and even medical bills play an extremely significant role in the final settlement that is agreed upon.


In a car accident, the actual accident is just the tip of the iceberg of all the problems that will follow. The most stressful thing related to car accidents is dealing with insurance companies and navigating their tricky offers and claims. These problems are worsened if the cause of the accident is disputed, and you might be involved in causing the accident. This is where hiring an attorney comes into play.

A car accident lawyer will be well versed in the tips and tricks of dealing with insurance companies and settling disputes. Having a lawyer on your side will give you the moral support and confidence that you will need in your trying times. Your lawyer is a one-stop solution to any and all problems that might be caused due to the accident, and this is why hiring a lawyer is so important and something that must be looked into immediately after the accident.

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